How to dress the newborn in the fall: tips

for parents is very important question of how to wear a newborn fall.It is dangerous for the little man like hypothermia, and excess heat.But with the right approach, you can achieve the "golden mean."

how to dress the newborn in the autumn: the general information

first step is to understand that a baby who is not even a month, the fat layer - minimum.Therefore, it will freeze more quickly the baby, which was two or three months.It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the newborn can not yet move like older kids.On the other hand, the carriage - is like another layer of "clothes".

guided, of course, is on the outside air temperature and their own feelings.For example, if the mother wears a turtleneck and a light jacket for the crumbs you should not pull the wool couple of sliders and a fur jacket!

how to dress the newborn in the autumn, depending on whether you are walking with a stroller or sling / "kangaroo┬╗

Some parents think that in a sling or "kangaroo" baby colder than in a carriage.This is not true!On the contrary, you are warming the baby with her body heat.But it is also important that from which he made a sling.There are both summer pattern of thin materials, and those that are designed for the cold season.If you have a thin version - it will be purged.Remember that.

Thus, the general rule is: wear a newborn is only slightly warmer than wearing yourself.

Remember that baby clothes should be multi-layered.At temperatures around zero Celsius list of children's clothing might look like a disposable diaper, cotton bodysuit with long sleeves, pants and socks made of cotton.In addition, blouse knitwear, fleece jumpsuit on thin cap, knitted hat, scarf and gloves (warm).If you are concerned that your child will be cold - it is better to bring your blanket or quilt!

To understand whether a child comfortable enough, you can just touch his nose - if it is cold, then warm will prevent crumbs.Well, if the nose is clearly wet with perspiration, it is necessary to dress the baby is not so warm.

Again, it is clear that we should not ask specifically about how to wear a newborn in November or October.First of all - common sense!It is not uncommon - a warm November, or, conversely, overly cool October.

It is possible that you will have to listen to a lot of "value" of recommendations from friends and grandparents sitting near the entrance.Listen to them as you can.But the rush to carry everything you advise explicitly not to be.For recommendations may be highly controversial!

how to dress the newborn in the fall at home?

It also should be guided by common sense.If you understand that the street - zero temperature, and the house is already on heating, the kid may well be wearing a cotton blouse and sliders.Cap is not needed.But if the apartment is cold, you should not wonder about how to wear a newborn in October.In the case where the thermometer shows about 17 degrees, it would be necessary to put on the baby cotton suit, and on top - woolen clothing, and a hat will be needed!