Operating dream book: The child - the interpretation of the image

Dreams, in which there are small children, the people there quite often.Therefore very popular interpretation - dream interpretation, interpretation of dreams.The child appeared in dreams, can be interpreted in different ways, it all depends on many details and circumstances.The following are the most common.

In general, the emergence of a small child in a dream tells about the future positive changes in life, happy events, pleasant cares.Perhaps in the near future, a wish fulfilled.Playing with the child foreshadows the happy family life.

Dreaming with the child show that there are some character traits of the person and should pay attention to your own inner growth.All interpretations of dream interpretation shows.A child of the same sex who saw the dream as if it is an internal component.Opposite Sex shows a lack of firmness and softness of a woman in a man.The appearance of the familiar child's prediction is that all the plans are realized, but it requires a lot of effort.


When the dream appears the newborn is a good sign boding joyful and happy event.Maybe soon life will improve and there will be joyful change.Maybe the person the child is born.For a young girl - a warning that you must be careful to treat yourself, your image, do not make stupid mistakes.And maybe she will receive an inheritance.

Dreams baby boy

If the dream was a little boy, you will soon be unexpected news.If there is a game that should be expected from a life of good luck, success, achievement of high results.When the boy had a pregnant woman, there may be preterm labor.Crying child - it's a sign that you need to pay more attention to the family and friends.

Dreams girl child

dream in which the game takes place with the girl is unexpected news.If the baby was dirty and sloppy, it could herald the sad news.If the child is neat and well maintained, it is necessary to wait for good news.When a little girl is in the water, you need to enjoy the moment, to change for the better, to realize a dream, to realize our plans.The sad and sad girl tells us that we must be careful and not to disappoint loved ones.

Dreams: the child in her arms

If a dream is necessary to keep the child in his arms, then on the way to the implementation of any intended target expected some difficulties and problems.Sick child with a temperature at the hands associated with changes in the state of mind, with anguish, suffering and pain.A dream in which throw the baby, play with him, holding in her arms, is a warning of a possible betrayal by a loved one.A bad sign is a dream in which to take his hands of the patient, methane feverish child.This portends sadness and emotional distress.

Feeding a child in a dream tells about upcoming pleasant chores that successfully completed.Breastfeeding means that soon in life to find someone who can change it.

crying children portend disappointing and health problems.Cheerful cheerful child dreams to the emergence of good friends and mutual love.Self-walking child a symbol of contempt for the banality of everyday life and a sign of independence.If a woman with a baby nursed - you must expect deception on the part of the person to whom it is very trusted.

There are many interpretations of the different situations in different nations.For example, you can find English, Islamic dream interpretation.Why dream of a child, can be found in all of these books.