Window 8 System Requirements.

Initially after Window 8 system requirements is not interested in many, because it looked pretty ambiguous.Over time, the system refined and improved.When it was released a few standing updates from Microsoft, you can have to think over what has Window 8 system requirements, and whether to change the already established her "seven".

What is the OS?

In Microsoft well aware that in order to enter the tablet market, they have to do this OS, which can be easily controlled using the touch screen.Of course, "seven" had originally had some additions that allows its use in sensor devices, but is actually a convenient these functions should not even talk.

course, Microsoft could do the same, as in his time did in Apple - just let out on the basis of its new Windows Phone tablet version, however, become a competitor iOS (or Android) has been virtually meaningless, so when it comes to tabletversion, it definitely would have shown a deplorable results.

Windows for all

creating the largest Window 8, system requirements that would be suitable for hybrid devices (equipped with a docking station with a keyboard) already looks more optimally.It is worth noting that, even in a standard laptop with a touch screen, which in recent times appears more and more, such a system could be used, in addition, would have a pretty wide spread.

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So eventually appeared a completely new operating system that has been written entirely from scratch.

main features

Immediately it is worth noting that at Microsoft, of course, did not dare to give up compatibility with various applications that have been previously released under the "seven" and the earlier version of Windows.To Window 8 system requirements are sufficient to cope with any programs designed for previous operating systems, it was simply to ensure their compatibility.

In this regard, it was decided to leave the old desktop, but at the same time everyone understands that his use of the touch screen is simply pathetic.That is why it was decided to add a completely new kind of desktop, which could cooperate with the old operating system.

Initially it may seem a bit strange, because it increases the number of Windows 8 (64), system requirements, while initially the decision may even seem neyuzabelno, but actually in Microsoft thus immediately killed two birds with one stone.Users standard computers can work with the new system in the same way as with the old, and users of various tablet and similar devices use a new interface that is optimally suited for such equipment.

What is the new interface?

new interface is based on several ideas that were originally used Microsoft has in the player Zune, and then also appear in the operating system Windows Phone, which was designed originally for smartphones.

Base - a so-called tiled interface, which is an assembly of various applications that are executed in a variety of tiles.In contrast to what we are used to seeing in the ordinary operating systems (like Android or iOS), in which application icons are different the same size and are standard images, in this case, they are not just animated, but also provide the most important information and runin the form of a rectangle or square.

Any tile can easily be moved around the screen, it is worth noting that the desktop itself is in no way limited to the horizontal, that is, you can just move it laterally to a distance of about 8500 pixels.Vertical limit the restriction - the height of the screen.

Working with windows

The updated interface work with windows is absolutely not as familiar as the desktop in the old regime.Competitors do not provide the ability to support multiple open windows.In the new interface is provided, that is, you can open two applications, the first of which will take, for example, the fifth part of the display, while the second will hold the rest.For an application was placed in the left or right, simply push it in a certain direction.

If you still want to make sure that other applications are now housed in much of the screen, you quite simply to place a vertical line that separates it from another window to a different position, which is the most convenient for you.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that now there is all the usual buttons "Close" or "Hide".Now just you can switch to any other window or directly on the desktop itself, you can also move the window to the left or right of the screen, and to close - for this you are literally throwing program a finger into the bottom of the screen.

What is the old interface?

in this case is nothing unusual - just your standard old desktop, which is substantially similar to that used in the "seven".It is designed as a completely separate application, that is, in fact, has proposed to use conventional Windows interface 7, despite the fact that it corresponds to what 8 queries Windows 8.1 or Windows system requirements.

The "Sharing»

This feature deserves special attention because it is quite curious and have never been met.This function has been developed specifically for use in a variety of plates, with its help, the user can exchange information between several programs, which originally did not intend to communicate with each other.

Thus, for example, using this feature, you can link to a specific page, which is open in your browser, send another person via email, burn into Evernote, or broadcast through social networks.

System requirements

Minimum System Requirements Windows 8 are as follows:

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • amount of hard drive: 16 GB
  • Video: designed for Microsoft DirectX 9

course, figures slightlymore than the system requirements Windows 7. 8-ka - is a newer version and has more features, so this phenomenon should not be surprised, though, and in the traditional interface of the operating system remains almost the same.