How can I remove the black bars on the sides of the screen in "Vindovs"?

Many believe that the time theaters, game rooms and a concert comes to an end.Now everyone can create all this at home on your computer or on a portable device.Now there are a lot of services with music, the latest movies and the most interesting games.They can be used directly through the browser or download and save to your computer.However, the case and certain incidents.Content is not always well suited for a specific computer, so there may be cases where the picture on the screen at the sides is limited redundant sidebands.This can be in the game or movie, and just during the use of other resources.Naturally, the question arises of how to remove the black bars on the sides of the screen?There are certain manipulations and settings to solve the problem.But let's talk about it after it becomes clear why, and under what circumstances these same lines appear.First, consider the situation with computer games.

Black stripes games

launching some interesting game in full-screen mode, the user notices that the software is loaded, but the sides have black margins, stealing part of the game space.Where did they come from?

such bands appear in the games in the following cases:

  • not set correctly, and the game itself is improper aspect ratio of the display resolution;
  • video driver behaves correctly;
  • virus attack.

How do I remove the black bars on the sides of the screen in the games?To do this, you need to walk on these potential problems and look real.Therefore, you first need to go to the settings of the game and try to poustanavlivat various options for the screen resolution and try to disable the "unknown" game modes, simply removing a tick.If that fails, then you need to move on and downloaded from the official website of the video card manufacturer's latest driver, install it and restart your computer.If the reason was in it, it will work in the game, and the problem will disappear.But if the band did not go, then the chances of damage to the system files of the operating system virus attacks, it is possible to fix either invited experts or to reinstall Windows.

Remove sidebands in the video player

If the games all clear, there are similar situations and movies on computers.Runs favorite films, but again - and on the sides of the screen just "eaten up" by these black bars.Why were they here?

options may be few:

  • format to download a movie does not match the resolution of the monitor;
  • misconfigured video player;
  • again, the problem with the video card driver;
  • incorrect codec.

How do I remove the black bars on the sides of the screen when watching a movie?Here, too, you need to run on the causes and find a selection problem.So, to begin with study data file that contains the movie.On the icon of the file you need to press the right mouse button and select the menu "Properties".Then go to the tab "Details", where you can find data on the resolution of the film.

If the file is good, then go into the settings of the player and are looking for the tab "Video".There should be a setting "Aspect Ratio" and "Crop".We need to try different modes of aspect ratio (for widescreen monitors is usually 16: 9 and 16:10), as well as switch between framing.

If all else fails, you can use the method to reinstall your video card driver or to find a new package of codecs (preferably from K-Lite or Shark).Of course, there are other cases that require separate consideration by experts on the spot.For information on how to remove the black bars on the sides of the screen, they say they have.

Configure driver

After reviewing the options for the appearance of black bars in games and movies, it is clear that the cause may be the driver.How can I remove the black bars of video games and using the drivers and reinstall the graphics card configuration utility, describe below.

As already mentioned, the software for the devices you need to look at the official website.Select program corresponding bit systems, downloaded and installed.After that you should restart your computer.That may be enough, but maybe not enough.Therefore, remove the black bars on the sides of the video card by customizing tools.For GeForce - is Nvidia, to AMD - is the Catalyst Center, and for the embedded graphics - this is usually Intel Video.In each such utility, it is possible to adjust the resolution and aspect ratio.It is necessary to try different combinations and restart the computer.

custom monitors

If the above help, then it is likely that your monitor is not configured correctly.How can I remove the black bars on the sides monitoora in this case?

First you need to find it on the Auto button and simply press it.In 90 cases out of 100% is usually helpful.But if there is no result, then go to "Menu Monitor" tab, find the "Position / Size" and manually change the width of the screen to enlarge it to the side.The problem should be solved.