A new way to enhance the beauty of the eye - now available in Russia!

company Johnson & amp; Johnson Vision Care, a global manufacturer of contact lenses Acuvue, is the world's first beauty contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define, who thanks to the innovative design emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes.Design of a new beauty product is unique: a clear path around the iris add depth look and image of the lens combine with the natural color of the eyes, making them bright and shiny and expressive.

Most Russian women can not imagine life without makeup for the eyes.This is not surprising: according to recent research, 98% of women in Russia believe that it is the beauty of the human eye is determined.And today in the beauty-market has a product that is able to make their eyes shine brighter in the literal sense of the word!

beauty contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define created by women for women.The results of an international study, which was attended by representatives of Russia, Italy, Britain and the United States, will enable the international center of research and development in the field of beauty to create a product that fully meets the requirements of discerning shoppers.Women's representation of the beauty of the eye are reflected in two versions: the lens 'natural shine "make eyes unusually bright and shiny, and the lens' natural glow" look give unique depth and expressiveness.The names chosen by chance: this is how women describe beauty-effect of using the new lenses.

Both beauty lenses fit your eyes as the light and dark shades.Thanks to a special design, combining translucent colors, vivid, contrasting colors and sharp contours, the lenses provide a unique beauty effect on the eyes of every woman.In a study conducted in the development of lenses, 94% of women said that the eyes in the lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define became more expressive and appealing, but look - beaming.

¬ę1-Day Acuvue Define make women more beautiful - a celebrated member of the research around the world - said Angie Bowers, chief designer division Research and Development Johnson & amp; Johnson Vision Care.- Many women admitted that they are much more likely to receive compliments.Moreover, most of them said, "You've changed!", But the reason for this positive change could not name one.This beauty effect 1-Day Acuvue Define in action - lens emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes, prettier girl collects compliments, but the secret is known only to herself. "

1-Day Acuvue Define - a completely new product category, which differs from conventional colored contact lenses, unnatural colors and design that masks the natural beauty of your eyes and change the natural color of the iris of the eye.

Famous Moscow makeup artist Sergei Naumov also appreciated the advantages of 1-Day Acuvue Define: ¬ęDesign of 1-Day Acuvue Define inspired iris.Because the iris is unique, like a fingerprint, each time in the beauty-eye lens will acquire a new shade.That is, repeating the pattern of the iris, beauty lenses do not kill our uniqueness, and open it.As a makeup artist, I love beauty-effect contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define.I like to experiment with a touch of the eye, while remaining "inside" the natural color.Like how his eyes shine.I find it interesting to have an effective additional tool to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes. "

Combining the best of health and beauty wearing contact lenses beauty-all the benefits of one-day contact lenses last generation brand Acuvue.With the latest technology, to retain moisture inside the lens, 1-Day Acuvue Define provide eye comfort from morning to evening, and UV filters protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Given the desire of 75% of Russian women to follow the latest trends in the world of beauty, we can say with confidence that they will be happy to be among the first to evaluate the effect of stunning beauty, from the new contact lenses.

beauty contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define are available at opticians in Russia in the following parameters: an optical power of -0.50 to -9.00 diopters.