How to glue false eyelashes?

False eyelashes - beauty is a real weapon in your arsenal.They do look brighter, more expressive and more openly.Even the most fashionable and expensive ink does not give you the same effect which provide artificial eyelashes.They were no problem to wear every day, but you need to know about these lashes some important facts.

False eyelashes: application

Depending on the expected or planned way, you need to choose among the three most common types:

Lentovye lashes. hairs attached to a tape-based, which is glued along the entire length of the century.These lashes should opt for evening make-up, because they are the most visible and effective.

halves. located on the front half of the century and increase the well-shaped eyes.Unlike lentovyh halves are glued to real lashes.Behind the scenes, but significantly increase the length, but have little effect on the volume.

Sheaf lashes. This option looks the most natural, increases the amount of good, if properly adhered invisible.Select beams is of medium length, then they will merge with your own lashes.

If she seeks to draw attention to its natural beauty, slightly shifting the emphasis on the eyes, the best solution will beam false eyelashes, glue that quite easily.

But for bright, perhaps even shocking image that will distinguish you from the crowd, will become indispensable lentovye.For such cases, manufacturers offer a variety of options with rhinestones and other decorative elements.

It should give preference to false eyelashes from natural ingredients, because unlike synthetic, they are less allergens and look natural.

False eyelashes: stick right!

This is a complex process that requires you to focus and effort.

Algorithm such action:

1. necessary to completely remove dirt and makeup using makeup remover.Particular attention should be given ages that they are degreased.

2. Apply fresh makeup, using a thin layer of mascara.

3. Gently try false eyelashes, applying them to the tweezers century.It is necessary to accurately measure the length, not to have to shorten the already glued eyelashes.

4. Then, on the basis of false eyelashes, apply a small amount of special glue, pay attention to the corner of his, if you use half or lentovye lashes.Before you paste, you need to wait 15-20 seconds for the adhesive to reach the desired consistency.

5. Using tweezers or glue the ribbon beam, pressing as close as possible to the base of your eyelashes.Lightly press down the tweezers and try to blink to make sure that nothing has come unstuck and do not interfere with you.

6. When ready to false eyelashes, make-up will be the final touch.If necessary, it can be applied on top of another layer of mascara to eyelashes completely merged with yours.You can also use the shadows, eyeliner or a pencil loop in order to make the line invisible fixing false eyelashes.

False Eyelashes: Remove right!

often false eyelashes just tear, but it's wrong, painful and traumatic.To remove them without any problems, you need to put on the eye pieces of cotton wool soaked in warm water.Then draw a line by gluing or mounting position of the beam with a cotton swab dipped in a vehicle - make-up remover.Clay softened, and you can easily take off your pain and false eyelashes.Then you need to put on the eyelid soothing cream or lotion.


False eyelashes can be a heavy load for allergy sufferers and people with a strong sensitivity of the eye.Also, it is not recommended to stick eyelashes when using contact lenses.

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