How to activate "Vindovs 8"?

Since its introduction, Windows 8 has become very popular among PC users.It is qualitatively different interface and functions of all previous versions of Windows.However, Windows 8, you must activate as:

1. The trial period is only 90 days.
2. Background of the desktop changes to black, and the bottom will hang the message "Operating system is not genuine."
3. The operating system will shut down every hour.

How to activate "Vindovs 8" so as not to deal with such problems?There are several ways to address this issue.


For this type of activation is necessary: ​​

1. Run as Administrator command line.
2. The version of Professional VL require replacement wrench: slmgr.vbs / ipk ***.The Enterprise version does not change the key
3. Next entry:
A) slmgr.vbs / skms and address of the KMS-servers;
B) slmgr.vbs / ato.
4. The following KMS-servers:
A) 62000;
B) 62000;
C) 95. 20. 155. 241: 62000;
D) 147. 134. 1.42: 1688;
E) 62000.

5. Servers can not always be operable and accessible to everyone.However, this instruction how to activate the "Vindovs 8: Professional," is the most effective.
6. To check the activation is necessary to enter:
A) slmgr.vbs / dli;
B) slmgr.vbs / dlv.
7. To check the time limit expires when activated, enter: slmgr.vbs / xpr;
8. To remove the anchor from running KMS-server, enter: slmgr.vbs / ckms.It is important to avoid problems with the activator, closing unnecessary programs and disabling antivirus and firewall.
9. After the activation will need to restart your computer for changes could come into force.That is why care should be taken about the safety of all previously opened files.The activation process need to remain connected to the Internet, because the operating system produces the activation server through KMS, which is available at the moment.If you activate the license "Vindovs 8" fails, then you need to check all of the above steps and find a mistake.

activation process of Windows 8 using the phone

question of how to activate the "Vindovs 8" using a phone, also sounds quite often.To do this, follow these steps:

1. Run the command line.
2. Enter slui 4. Then the team will launch "Activation Wizard".
3. Select the desired country and dial a specified number.However, if the handset raised and answered live person, you need to terminate the connection.For this reason, the best option would be to call at night.If, however, a voice of the robot with a question about the choice of corporate or individual activation method, press the number 2 on the telephone keypad - will be selected corporate activation.
4. In the program "Activation Wizard" special code is generated from the 63 digits to be entered into the phone.
5. When asked about the number of copies required activation need to press the number 1 on the phone keypad, you have to confirm one copy.
6. Listen to your computer and enter the code dictated by a robot, and then restart the PC.Then you get activated "Vindovs 8" on your PC.

How to make sure that everything worked out?

You can verify the successful activation of the operating system by entering this command slmgr.vbs / xpr.In the event that the internal components of a PC is not changed, the subsequent reshuffling of Windows 8, you can use previously received code.When this call is no longer necessary.If there was a "meeting of activation", for example, due to the installation of drivers or connecting devices, it is necessary to carry out the whole procedure again.Download a ready-to activate Windows over the Internet is impossible, and therefore have to do everything manually on a personal computer.

Another easy way

The easiest way to activate the "Vindovs 8.1" - this is the task with the help of the phone using MAK-key Volume: Multiple Activation Key.MAK are sufficiently flexible solution that can allow activation of personal computers running Windows the easiest and safest way of using the Internet or phone.MAK can activate any of the corporate versions of Windows.

After activation already done using MAK activation to perform again is not required.MAK The key is entered into the system, either manually or by using a specific scenario after installing the new operating system.After completing the installation of a key, a personal computer will connect to the Internet and activate, if necessary, to make it through the phone.Status enabled system will continue on a regular basis, except when possible significant change in the hardware configuration of a personal computer (for example, changing the motherboard).Thus, the activated "Vindovs 8" will remain on your PC.

What is MAK-key?

Indeed, MAK key has almost no difference from an ordinary key Retail, which is sold in the store.The difference is only available from a single label store keys for each of the copies of Windows, while the MAC key activates multiple PCs.This key is useful for large organizations, where it is established and maintained by a lot of computers.This activates all of them with one key.

Why is it important to connect to the Internet

In any case, when the instructions on how to activate the "Vindovs 8" operating system will try to detect the internet.If the connection is, the activation is possible through it.When using a modem without using the Internet at the moment it is possible to activate it through the operating system.If unable to activate the operating system via the Internet is available to perform this procedure using an automatic telephone system (indicated above, it is possible to activate the "Vindovs 8" on the phone).

product activation centers in large numbers, there are around the world.Required for this phone number depends on the product and location-activated computer.To find the correct number suitable for the location of the PC Center activation is necessary to start "Activation Wizard", choose to activate via phone and follow the instructions.

How to activate the update

Back in October 2013 came the latest update for Windows 8. And, as always, Microsoft gave TechNet and MSDN subscribers to download the original images of the latest version of the system.Therefore, we can get them even earlier exit release.

In addition, it is worth noting that Microsoft has long had prepared several batches of product keys (they are called Retail).Developers "iron" and the selling of the keys for a long time acted in active use.Everybody knows that the keys very quickly get into the network, and if a normal user wants to download and install the system, it should acquire and them.However, it is not necessary to hope that after the update licensed program will serve faithfully for several years.It "fly off" is mandatory, and that this did not happen, it will need to reactivate.The same applies to a "clean" installation, so the question of how to activate the "Vindovs 8" will remain relevant.

How to install updates

To set yourself Windows Update 8, the program is necessary, of course, to download.This is done using "rutrekere" (special resource from which you can download almost anything).With him and downloaded Windows 8 and then run Set Up and is updated while retaining all of your computer programs and files.The second option - it is possible to completely reinstall the system.However, it is important to use a key that fits the specific version (recommended Professional).

What is the key

It may look something like this: XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB.

First of all, the program must be activated.If you do not, it can be used only 90 days a year.On the screen at the same time will always appear warning activation.

Next, right-click is to enter the "Start" button and select the "command line".
In the window then you should dial: slmgr - ipk XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB.

But not so easy as it seems at first glance.As mentioned just above, each individual system requires its specific keys, and will need to find somewhere.After all, it depends on them, and if it will enable a new "Vindovs" in the near future or not.

In fact, the following picture emerges: these keys are recorded on a huge variety of computers and programs.And one day they simply stop working.To find relevant keys Retail, just go on the Internet.For example, they can be seen on the Deposit Files, or other well-known torrent.Of course, this just want to share your happiness with others.For security reasons it is better not to do over the Internet.Information quickly comes to Microsoft, and soon the key will be blocked.Similarly, there is a search key, if there is a question about how to activate the "Office" to "8 Vindovs."

How to use the key?

when the keys will be able to more or less understand, go to the next step.All in the same command line, you would type the following: Slui 4.

After press the Enter key and in dialog box, choose to manifest the country in which the person is.Next you need to call the toll-free number and follow the instructions answering machine.Select will need to activate the private person and on the telephone keypad to enter those numbers that you see on your computer screen.If the key is approached, then followed by the question: "On the one if the computer is placed on the license, or a little?".It is necessary to choose the option that is relevant, for example, for one.Then follow the activation code.His, of course, you will need somewhere to write.Then - enter, and everything in general, is ready.Windows is now set, and it is the official licensed program without all the shortcomings and minor bugs.To make sure all over, is to enter the command line slmgr.vbs -dli.

use activator

If you did not activate the manner described above, then there is an option to download a special activator and make a few simple manipulations:

  1. on behalf of the system administrator to run the command prompt (Start & gt; & gt; & gt; command line).There
  2. enter a phrase: spp-restore.
  3. , press Enter.
  4. reboot the device.

Unless downloaded activator, it must first be done.Just before you start it is important to fully disable antivirus software!When the activator is running on the panel will be a large button labeled "Activation".In it you need to press.Then the process goes, as they say themselves.

According to the developers, so the activator is suitable absolutely for all published versions of Windows 8 and updates from the company Microsoft.This method is a solution to the problem so as to enable "Vindovs 8: Enterprise" and other varieties.