Guerrilla marketing or overhear other people's conversations

Today we unveil the curtain of mystery and look at a few ways that you refer to this concept as "guerrilla marketing."Guerrilla Marketing - a way to promote a low-budget, should know anyone who knows her worth, an expert on promotion.So, let's begin.

preotlichneyshee There is a quality of people that we are with you raschudesno can use our uncomplicated advertising business.It's called - the curiosity!

Did you ever have friends, a situation where next to you two strangers are an interesting conversation you (certainly unintentionally) overheard?Or, for example, found in social networks, and their friends watched them secretly photograph?

Perhaps you have not had this, but it is someone you know for sure was!

precisely this great human curiosity, and how to use it, and is dedicated to our (very interesting) article.

irresistible desire to eavesdrop on other people's conversations or spy other people's lives, we, unscrupulous advertisers, rather to hand!

Let's look at some specific examples of how this can be a good use.

  1. method called "overhear other people's conversations."

Try to do this.Run in the street crowd some of his agents.Let them go in transport during rush hour, walking the crowded streets, and all the time with interest to discuss the benefits of your product.

How would it look?

For example, you sell furniture.And a couple of your agents, under the guise of ordinary people, sit in the trolley.One of them says to the other emotionally:

- sort of a sofa preotlichny bought!Actually I did not expect so cheap you can buy such a thing.In a such a guarantee is huge.I'm still upset at first, that the color under my design is not suitable.I'm something like a deep, dark blue.A salesman told me that you can choose any color!So great!

His partner does the interested views and requests to dictate the address and name of the store.

All the people sitting in the neighborhood, be silent grateful listeners.

Especially if the conversation is really interesting, and emotional.

highly recommend their agents make the script interesting conversation and a little to rehearse in, so to speak, under laboratory conditions.

general scheme clear?

You can connect your friends and family to this venture.A simple and effective method.

If you have a few people who can do the agents, there is another equally effective method.

With the same success you can play, and a phone conversation.In our mobile age no one will be surprised if people in the truck will call, and keen to tell his interlocutor about the successful purchase!

you just imagine the state of the environment.Real bored.And then next to someone on the phone said something interesting.Like and I did not want to, and overheard a strange conversation!

  1. way to "read someone else's mail."

For example, you come to e-mail a letter to some of Lena.You are certainly not Lena, but out of curiosity looked before.And it says something like this.

«Lena, hello, dear!I hope I have correctly recorded your email.As promised, I am writing to you about my young man, Igor.He is so romantic!Imagine, I ordered a bouquet of 50 roses !!!We introduced my brother, did you perhaps remember.I meet friends for a long time did not want to, you know, I had a terrible problem with acne!A friend advised me here an excellent remedy, acne gone just a week!The skin has become so smooth, silky ... I know that you too are a problem, so write thee tool called "Tweedledum."And the site they like or something like that.Waiting for your reply!Exact Dasha »

course, such letters are sent specifically, in the hope of vicious readers who want to read other people's mail.And by the way, these readers often are!

To enhance the effect, you can just as well use paper letters.Man will print this letter, and there is an appeal to someone else.

One of the advantages of this method: it seems that you happen to know some good secret agent, such as acne.And it is not perceived as advertising.

the minuses: can fall really conscientious people (and they are many), who saw that the letter was not for him, would not even read.

  1. method "took advantage of other people's experience."

This method can be used in any other forums or debates on the Internet.For example, you want to promote new means for washing windows.

Just ask someone from the staff or friends to register and ask questions in the forum: "Guys, heavily stained window paint.No funds are not helping.The wash can be?Someone faced with? ".

And you then answer this question: "Try means" Tygydyn "helped me".It will look as advice from a stranger.And no one would guess that this is especially the performance played out.At the same time, it is the best advertising.After all, who stumbled upon your correspondence (all other forum participants) took a mental note of how best to use the tool.Especially if some of them had a problem with money boxes.

Well, actually all for today.You

Successful advertising campaigns and good ideas!

Also, you may be wondering:

  1. As a compliment can make a big sale
  2. principle of secrecy.Do not read this letter!