Slavs - who is such?

from textbooks on history we know that the Slavs - is one of the largest ethnic communities in the Old World.However, until the end is not clear, nor who they were or where they came from.Let's try to examine these meager crumbs of information, as well as a focus on reliable facts about life, culture and beliefs of these tribes.

Who are they?

try to figure out the Slavs - who is this, where did they come to Europe, and why left their homeland.There are several versions on the subject.Some historians believe that the Slavic tribes did not come from nowhere, and lived here since the creation of the world.Other scientists consider them descendants of the Scythians and Sarmatians, and others - belong to other nationalities, emerged from the depths of Asia, including to the Aryans.But just impossible to draw conclusions, each hypothesis has its flaws and blind spots.

generally accepted Slavic Indo-European people, who turned out in the Old World during the Great Migration.He has lost touch with the related Germanic tribes because of the long distance and went his own way of development.But many supporters of the theory is that this ethnic community came from Asia after the Flood, the path of assimilating with the local people and establishing centers of civilization - the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, and then settled in the Balkans, the bank of the Vistula, the Dniester and the Dnieper.Nestor the Chronicler says that the Slavs arrived in Russia after the Tower of Babel.

No less controversial is the name of the ethnic group.Some researchers believe that the Slavs - which means "people literate, holding the word" others translate the name as "nice" or look for its origins in the name of the Dnieper - Slavutich.

main occupations of our ancestors

So, we found that the Slavs - is the nomadic tribes who settled.They are united by a common language, beliefs and traditions.And what were the lessons of the Slavs?There are no options, of course, is agriculture.In forested areas first had to prepare the land, cutting down trees and uproot the stumps.In the forest-steppe regions first burns the grass, and then the land fertilized with ashes, loose and planted seeds.From guns used plow, plow, harrow.From crops they grew millet, rye, wheat, barley, peas, hemp, flax.

remaining sessions of the Slavs were directed to the production of tools for agriculture (blacksmithing), as well as for domestic use (pottery).It was highly developed animal husbandry: our ancestors bred sheep, horses, goats, pigs.In addition, they used the gifts of nature: collecting mushrooms, berries, honey bees forest, hunted wild animals and birds.This and traded with their neighbors, and the first money is considered to be the skins of martens.


quiet life favored the development of Slavic culture.Agriculture was the main occupation of the community, but have evolved and decorative crafts (weaving, jewelry making, wood carving, bone and metal bondarstvo, Tanning).Were they, and the rudiments of writing.

our ancestors lived communities, the important decisions taken at the general meeting.In possession of the community were meadows, arable land and pastures.But everyone can have their own property and livestock.At the head of the tribal union was a prince who relied on the boyars-patrimonial.They were honorable people who elected during the national assembly, then they turned to the local nobility.

At home Slavs were unpretentious, easily transferred to the vagaries of weather, famine.But there were proud, freedom-loving, courageous and faithful to his community, his family.Guests are always welcomed with bread and salt, offering the best that there was in the house.

Uneasy neighbors

Slavs settled between Europe and Asia, a land with a unique supply of resources and fertile soil.They occupied a vast territory is almost painless, as there is enough space for everyone.But the wealth of the land attracted robbers.Uneasy neighbors Slavs - nomadic Avars, Khazars, Pechenegs and Cumans - constantly raided the village.Our ancestors had to unite together against them, and beat the intruders.It taught them military training, constant readiness for danger frequently changing habitats endurance.But by themselves Slavs were nevoinstvennymi, friendly, they respect the rights of others, never had slaves.

Instead of conclusion

Before Prince Vladimir baptized Rus, the Slavs were pagans.They worshiped the forces of nature, built temples and created idols, sacrificed to them (not human).Especially it was developed cult of ancestors, including the dead.Christianity has allowed the Old Russian state to get closer to Europe, but at the same time stole a lot.It was destroyed objects of material, spiritual and cultural values, the loss of what stands out among the other Slavic peoples.There was a kind of symbiosis, which, though the elements have the same culture, formed under the influence of Byzantium.But that, as they say, is another story ...