How to burn a CD with the help of burning software

today to watch a movie, do not need to go to the cinema or to the store to buy a DVD-disk with movies.Enough to write their own movie.How to burn a disc?

Firstly, it is necessary to record the disc can be used in a conventional DVD-player or on the "home theater."So how to watch movies on your computer is in some cases not very convenient.

To burn a disc, the so-called need burning software.They exist quite a lot.Here are some of them: «Ashampoo Burning Studio», «CDBurnerXP», «Nero», «Astonsoft DeepBurner» and others.We use a simple program with intuitive interface - «Ashampoo Burning Studio».

How to burn a disc, using this program?To start you need to install on your computer.Once will launch the program, you will see a window.It (the left side) are grouped into a list of available functions.

to record movies on a disc, use "Record video and photos" and "Burn files and folders."

Team "Burn files and folders" is easier to use, and record it runs faster.So choose this command.A window will appear in which we find the "Create a new CD / DVD disc."

tab opens.It added movies that I would like to record.To do this, use the button "Add", she is right.Or, you can mouse drag and drop files to the workspace.

The bottom line is, volume.It shows the total amount of films that have already been prepared for recording.Click "Next".

window opens where you have to select the recording speed.Now click on the button "Edit Options."Speed ​​did not choose the largest.On the DVD player disc writing speed was high which can be difficult to read.

choose one of the smaller speed and click on "Save".Recording starts drive.The time will depend on the volume file and the selected rate.

Once the recording is finished, the drive will slide out from the housing.You will see a message stating that all completed successfully.As you can see, there is nothing complicated about how to burn a CD with the help of «Ashampoo Burning Studio».

Another very popular program «Nero».It is particularly relevant, for example, if you saved on the hard disk image of the DVD movie, but the file .iso, but simply as a copy in a folder.And you want the contents of the folder recorded on DVD-ROM.Then you need to learn how to burn a disc, which is simply copied?

here to help, as we have said, will come the program «Nero».To do this, in the main window, select the icon with a picture film, click on it.Then, choose "Burn files DVD - Video."

window opens.On the left - a pure DVD - ROM.Right - the contents of the hard disk.Open the folder VIDEO_TS.On the right side select the files you want to burn and drag them to the left side.Now you start the process by clicking on "Burn".

Record, as in the first case, it is necessary at low speed.Let it be longer, but better.Once the recording is finished, a message appears, notifying that everything went well.

Now you know that in the creation of DVD discs with movies no big deal.You can create for yourself a whole collection of favorite movies.Only you can not distribute such products.It is punishable by law.So the films on DVD, written with his own, should be used exclusively for personal purposes.