How to scan a document using Fine reader and CuneiForm?

modern equipment allows relatively quick and easy to deal with many problems.With a scanner you can download to your computer a variety of texts and images.Getting in seconds on the hard disk, manuscripts and photographs can be immediately used for other purposes.I became interested in this opportunity certainly concerned about the issue of how to scan the document.It should be noted that this operation is performed in an electronic text can often see a combination of erroneous letters.These deficiencies are caused by imperfections in the scanning system.Therefore, after the operation you should read the text and correct all defects.

In this article I'll show you how to scan a document using a specially designed program for this purpose.It should be noted that this operation is not possible without a special apparatus.It is called the scanner.The device must be connected to a computer with installed drivers.

first look at how to scan a document using the most popular program "Fine Reader" (seventh edition).So, open the cover of the machine and put on a glass text.Run the program.In the resulting window, select "File" and then "Scan Image".If you want to transfer to your computer has finished drawing, then click "Open Image".After that you should appear scanner settings.For the text, select the item "Black-and-white drawing."Some time later, the page will be transferred to electronic form and will appear on the screen of your monitor.Frame with arrows highlight we need some text (or the entire document).Then we click but it, right-click and choose "Block type" - "text."The required area is highlighted in green.Then click the right button and make profit on the item "Recognize a block."Close the window should appear in the text in electronic form.Now that you know how to scan a document, it can be the most ordinary way, "Copy" and "Paste".To send an electronic material in Word, you must select "File" - "to transfer pageĀ» - Word.

There is another good program called CuneiForm.Consider how to scan a document using the resource.So we run the program.In the box in the upper left corner of the word "file" is a button - "Master of recognition."Push it.Window opens.It put a "tick" next to "scan", click "Next" button.After that will open windows with the parameters of the operation, select the required format and color.Click "Next".In the newly appeared window displays the configuration of contrast, brightness, etc.We enhance or leave unchanged the level of quality of treatment, choose "Next".Scanner is running, check that the device was lying on the glass desired document.After completion of the procedure in the newly appeared window choose "Recognize now", then choose a language, then put a check next to the item "vocabulary control."The next step - to select the "Search for tables, pictures," as well as "Save the location of the fragments."The recognition process is running.Upon its completion in the workspace application opens Word.Now, the electronic material can be edited and saved.Scanning text is completed.