Mountains in Kazakhstan: the height, location, history and description

The Republic of Kazakhstan is booming climbing, rising tourism figures.All this is happening because of the mountains that are located here.This region is not only incredibly beautiful, but is also a paradise for lovers of this height.

What mountains are popular in Kazakhstan?Almost all.There are upland-lowland areas that are visited by an equal number of people.The nature of this region is beautiful because of the snow, which for a long time lying on the tops of mountains and rocky ridges.

Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan is located in Eurasia.It takes more than 2 million km2, making it the ninth in the world and second in the CIS area.

bordered immediately with five countries: Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.With several sides by the waters of the Caspian Sea and the Aral.Kazakhstan - one of the largest countries, which has no outlet to the oceans.

Across the country there are different topography and climatic zones.The most common are the desert (36%), steppe (35%), semi-desert (18%), wood (5.9%).

located in the north of the West Siberian Plain.In the south of the mountains of Kazakhstan she formed called Kokshetau.

West State is on the East European Plain.It is located Subural plateau and the Caspian lowland.In this area there is a small mountain Mugodzhary.They are a continuation of the Urals.

Republic is divided into 14 regions and 2 independent city.According to geographical factors it is divided into several regions.

Upland Kazakhstan is located in the central area.It is the river Ishim, which built the state capital Astana.

Mountains Kazakhstan

One feature is the presence of small mountainous countries.They are annually visited by about one million people, who come not only from the CIS countries.It is thanks to the beauty of landscapes in the state tourism constantly receives considerable profit.

Many people are interested in what the mountains of Kazakhstan to visit, so you do not regret the time spent.Tourists in one voice declare that the most attractive looking low mountain area.They are the "yellow steppe", located in the heart of the state.

One of the smallest array is Aiyrtau.Its width is 12 km, and the length - 15 km.It is located in the North-Kazakhstan region in Kokshetau.Mountains surround the small lake and Chelkar Imantau.One of the peaks of Aiyrtau has a height of 500 meters.Located on the slopes of a dense pine forest.

Another, less well-known array is located in the Pavlodar region.It Bayanaul mountains.They stretch from the western part of the state on its east and occupy the 50 km length from north to south, a little less - 25 km.

vertex arrays recognized Akbet mountain, its height - 1027 meters.There are a lot of minerals, such as granite, porphyry and quartzite.Shales and sandstones is much rarer.

Like other mountains of Kazakhstan, whose names are known to every resident, Bayanulskie mountains have a tiered structure.

lowland array is also Delegen.Its length is 20 km and width of only 16 km.It is located in the eastern part of Upland.Some of its peaks have a height of 1 thousand. Meters.On the slopes dominated by steppe terrain.In the valleys surrounding the rivers grow shrubs.

Mountains of eastern Kazakhstan

East states covered by the unique plants, as well as rich variety of animal species, which are built to protect reserves.Deciduous and fir planting adorn the rocks, and the area around them - meadows.Markakolsky National Park has its own flavor - Markakol lake that sits in a hollow one of the mountains.Its length is 38 km, width 19 km and depth - 27 m. The pond runs over 27 rivers and small streams, but the mouth it is only for Kalzhir.Water Karkakolya clean.They live salmon that can be called the main wealth of the watercourse.

Eastern Kazakhstan mountains are located near the junction of the borders of such countries as Mongolia, Russia and China.They are a system of Altai, Saur-Tarbagatai and Kalba.The height of the peaks ranging from 900 m to 1400 m. The extreme east of the Altai is rich in relatively high centers.For example, one of the mountains has a height of four thousand. Meters.

climate is harsh, it has features of Continental.The air temperature varies constantly.

list of "high mountains of Kazakhstan" headed east peak of Belukha.Its height is about 4506 meters.It is the highest on the Altai and Siberia.Compiling a detailed description of Belugas can exactly say that it is the kingdom of snow, avalanches, waterfalls and ice, which covered the whole top of the mountain.


Yermentay - mountains of Kazakhstan, the territory of which captures Akmola and Karaganda region.There are many steppes, hills, ridges.Array refers to the low hills and Timano-Altai system.Central Akdym peak is its height - 901 meters.

It is found a sufficient number of animals.Their types are varied.You can meet both the steppe, forest, and mining representatives.

Kazakh uplands Yermentay represented a wide gene pool of vegetation.The flora of this area is quite unique, as some representatives of the plants still remain.Rare and unique plants - that they can be found by visiting the tops of the array.Because of the specific environmental and climatic conditions in small areas found more than 400 species of vascular plants.

Rudny Altai

between the rivers Irtysh and Charysh is Rudny Altai.This is the high mountains of Kazakhstan.The name was suggested scientists Kotulskim due to the fact that in these places there are huge deposits of polymetallic ores.The main minerals that are mined here - sphalerite, pyrite and others.Faded ore, gold, and silver tellurides are not as important to the state, but their production still continues.

Large deposits of solid form strips extending in a northwesterly direction.In the area of ​​the Irtysh are lead, copper and zinc ores.


Tien Shan - mountains of Kazakhstan, located directly on the territory of four countries.This is China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.The name comes from a Chinese phrase that means "Celestial Mountains".This array combines multiple peaks whose height exceeds 6 thousand. Meters.This allows the system Tianshan be one of the highest mountains in the world.It consists of several chains which differ in width, length and height.The length of the Tien Shan is 2,500 km from west to east.Naivysočajšij point is Victory Peak (altitude - 7439 meters).


One of the most famous plateau - Ukok.It is located in the south of the Altai.The absolute height of peaks ranging from 2,200 to 2,500 meters.The ranges were extended by 500 meters.

maximum height is 4374 meters.It is a mountain Kuynen-Uul.It ranks among the Altai Mountains in the ranking of second place, behind Belukha.

Kokchetav Upland

Kokchetav upland - lowland Kazakh array.Its maximum height is 947 meters (Mount cyanosis).The slopes are covered with forest.The depressions dominated by birch and pine forests planting.

perfect place Kazakhstan - Turgen Gorge.Here you can find lakes, rivers, waterfalls, springs and sources that will surprise purity and its stunning views.The slopes of the place decorated with meadows, but in their heart of the river Assa.