Holders of the Order of Glory - a list of the recipients and the amount of

traditions of the Russian army, unjustly forgotten after 1917, were in demand during the Great Patriotic War."Fire and Smoke" St. George Ribbon association called the then battles with the glorious victories of the past centuries and inspired the idea of ​​the inevitability of the defeat of the enemy.In the guise of the revived Order said the new symbols (cross took place five-pointed star), but the rewards are not changed - it was given to those who have committed on the battlefield unprecedented feat.Badge had three degrees, and over time, desperately brave, full of gentlemen.Order of Glory do not just give, let alone the whole kit and even more so.

tradition of St. George

Introduction Order of Glory was part of an overall Heraldry aesthetic line adopted with the approval of the Supreme Commander Stalin during the second half of 1943.Shoulder straps, stripes, cap badges, and other attributes of the Russian army drove the surreal character of the Red Army.It became dominated patriotism, surpassing the idea of ​​the international world revolution.Thinking of a new conception of the character, first remembered Bagration (he, too, was a Georgian), but later this idea was abandoned.Sketch commissioned NI Moskalevu, who had a wealth of experience.He proposed to create an almost complete analog Order of St. George, introducing four degrees, but the final decision was made in favor of the full cavaliers of the Order of Glory on his chest were three stars.St. George ribbon intensified historical associations.

first awarded in 1943 was awarded the highest award a few soldiers of the Red Army.Which one was the first, today we can not say exactly.Sergeants Malyshev and Israelian were presented to the Order of the late autumn of 1943, almost simultaneously.In fact, the priority is not very important, because the time from submission to publication of the order is sometimes measured in months, but directly awarding happened in wartime conditions even later.All in all, despite the very strict criteria for selecting the most deserving, considered the Order received two and a half million soldiers who fought on the front lines.List of full members of the Order of Glory is much shorter - there have been a little more than three thousand seven hundred.

Pitenin Shevchenko

Award was conceived as an encouragement to outstanding feats that could be an example for others to follow.The first break in the location of the enemy, blow up the warehouse, captured officers, rescue battle flag, personally destroy at least a dozen enemies, the Nazis set weak defense, to save his comrades - that is what was required in order to be worthy of this award.It was not easy, but the mass heroism during the war has reached such heights that soon after the establishment insignia appeared twice, and three times award-winning.The first full Cavalier of the Order of Glory - Corporal Pitenin, to share this honor with Sergeant Shevchenko passed the entire war.Unlike his comrade who died last, and therefore had no time to get the third highest soldier star.

Promotion to the rank of general

addition of honor and respect, full holders of the Order of Glory had another advantage over conventional warriors - they rise in rank.Sergeants, corporals and privates became foremen, and so on until the second lieutenant, get a second "star" on the shoulder straps.Next hero for his exploits have expected other awards.Statute of the Order of Glory provided for the possibility of honoring them only junior officers.

form the Order of Glory

The shape of order, regardless of the degree, and have almost identical moire ribbon of the same color of St. George.General have dimensions (46 mm between points), weight (approximately 30 g up to 5%), the method of attachment (in your ear to the pentagonal block) and picture Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 23 mm.There are also other attributes of the Soviet state, such as the inscription of the USSR (on the reverse) and Ruby star and the word "Glory" is located on a scarlet strip, depicting the tape.The difference between the earlier and later winning is that the closure rays become sharper.In general, the order is very beautiful, it is a large and clearly visible, as befits such insignia.Holders of the Order of Glory wore three stars on his chest, which differ in color.The difference was that some of the metal performed awards.

materials manufacturing

procedure for the award clearly indicates that it is made in order to increase the degree, so that the total number of members of the Order of Glory worthy of his high rank, can be seen in the largest room on the top line of stars reverse I-th degree.It is known that this figure - 3776.

Soviet government for the award for the real heroes do not save.The Order of Glory of the first degree carried out from high-grade (950 °) of gold, decorated with enamel, ruby ​​red color.It is this background gives translucent coating shade shed blood in battle.There is no doubt that this sign is in color compositional aspect of the work of art.

Order of the second degree was made of almost pure silver (925 °) with gold the central part of the composition (which depicts the Spasskaya Tower) and the enamel of the same color, but the tone seems less saturated due to the fact that metal background light.These awards made more - about 50 thousand.

Third Degree Order of Glory is almost complete replica of the second, but without gilding and the silver of the same 925 tinted reddish copper additive.

Women and their glory

war - a man's job, dangerous, difficult and requires hard all the spiritual and physical strength.But it just so happens that the homeland was in trouble and on the fragile shoulders of the wives, mothers and brides fell excessive burden.And they withstood it.List of full members of the Order of Glory and include women's names.Their little, only four, but this is quite enough to forget for ever the notion of "the weaker sex", at least in our country.Here they are: medical orderly Nozdracheva, removal of seriously wounded soldiers from the leaden hail sniper Petrova (Mama Nina), aimed shots which always left our earth 122 x invaders and prepare five hundred high-end shooters machine gunner Markauskene differs amazes even seasoned soldiers courage andcomposure and aviator-scout Zhurkina (no comment).These women are full holders of the Order of Glory, have become living symbols of the indomitable spirit of the Soviet people.

one metal ...

was in the Soviet Union such a good tradition - not only to honor the military exploits, but also labor.Three decades after the victory, the Supreme Council decided to establish a new award, in addition to the already available the Red Banner of Labor and Glory.This peace sign should have married a special effort and achievements in peaceful work for the benefit of society.As an analogue militant, he had three degrees, the highest of which - the first.Holders of the Order of Labor Glory, according to its statute, the same respect and the same social benefits as the hero of the three highest honors soldiers.The difference lay in the fact that they could reward the groups and collectives.Total orders of various degrees have been awarded more than 650 thousand people, including III-rd - more than 611 thousand., II-th - 41 th., And I-st ​​(Holders) 952 employee.Despite the more modest funds allocated for the production of each sign of the difference (from precious metals only applied gilding), these figures are significantly inferior to similar military statistics.Well, other times ...