Carrots Samson: reviews, photos, characteristics, description of the variety

there are many varieties of carrots.Some of them are popular with gardeners because of its ruggedness, the other - a wonderful taste.Still others are universal and are suitable for both fresh consumption and for long term storage and preservation.All three of these qualities combined the carrot Samson.Responses about it from gardeners just wonderful.According to local gardeners, the most delicious variety of all unpretentious.

What's selection?

So what is the carrot Samson?Description varieties give below.First, let's see where it came from the domestic market and what the company delivers its seeds.The manufacturer of the planting material in this class is the largest agricultural company Bejo Zaden.This Dutch company has branches in many countries.She specializes in breeding and seed production.At the moment, it employs more than 800 people (200 - abroad).The seeds are supplied to the markets of different countries by distributors.In general, the manufacturer specialized in the production of carrots, beets and cabbage.In Russia, this company imports seeds, for example, a commercial company ZAO "Bejo Seeds".

General description

Refers carrot Samson, reviews of which have very good gardeners to nanstkomu sortotipov.That is, a long (20 cm) cylindrical roots with a blunt end.The main distinguishing feature of this carrot is a very sweet, tender, juicy flesh.The color is orange root.The core of it is very thin and tight to the pulp.Carrots stored in a cool place can be until next year.Very often it is used in the preparation of hot dishes and salads, as well as preserving cabbage, eggplant, peppers, and so on. D. You can marinate or pickle the carrots and separately, in its purest form.

When growing root completely submerged in the ground.Weight it can reach 125-150 g belongs to the middle-grade.Solids it contains 10%.

Grade Samson currently considered one of the leaders of the world breeding.Yields had as much as 40% higher than that of the popular carrots Nantes 4. Dates ripening varieties - 110-120 days.

Carrot Samson reviews truckers

opinions from local gardeners about this carrot formed just wonderful.Praised its inhabitants as the European part of the country and southern regions, as well as the Urals and Siberia.There have been good germination, large size, and high yield of this variety.Like cottagers and not quite the usual form of root with a blunt tip, never decaying during storage.

Many use it for cooking sweet carrot juice and puree.The fruits of this variety rovnenkie, but have small bumps.Stored carrots Samson reviews of taste qualities which are great, according to the gardeners, not bad.However, this is slightly inferior in terms of late-ripening varieties of domestic breeding.According to the majority, it is best suited for fresh consumption and for pickling cabbage, because it gives a lot of juice.

the minuses gardeners say basically the inability to buy the seeds of this variety.In small towns to find them problematic.Therefore, many bought the carrots through the Internet.In the web, if desired, can be found the seeds of both conventional and granulated.

How and when to plant?

Like most other varieties, carrots Samson reviews (picture root crops can be seen on the page) of which provide a glimpse of her as one of the best to date, planted in the middle lane in the mid- to late April immediately in the open ground.The best precursors for her are cabbage, cucumbers and potatoes.It is not recommended to plant carrots next to the dill.For the cultivation of varieties best suited Samson fertile loose soil or loam.Beds recommended to fertilize only mineral composition.Organic carrots fertilizing dislikes.When introduced into the soil manure or compost roots grow ugly, shaggy, they lose flavor and very poorly kept.Planted carrots in this class, like any other, it is recommended in the area, well cleaned from weeds.Young weed seedlings is extremely difficult.If the grass grow in the garden, it can simply "score" landing.

for planting, of course, better to choose Samson pelleted carrot seeds.Reviews of such material at summer residents is better than an ordinary.Indeed, in this case, it is not necessary to thin out the landing.Bury the seeds in the ground about 1-2 cm. They are then covered with earth, gently pour the flower bed and held her upside down with a rake, lightly compacted soil.

Features care

conventional seeds planted carrots Samson thinned twice per season.First time - after emergence, the second - after the roots reach a centimeter in diameter.The last time the operation is carried out in such a way that between plants remains at least 5-6 cm of space.This will normally develop each root.

Fertilize carrot Samson immediately after emergence and a couple of weeks after that.In the summer, as well as when boarding, use of mineral fertilizers.You can take the complex.

Watering grade carrots Samson (reviews confirm this) demands and quite abundant.Prevent drying of the soil, especially in the early growth impossible.In rainy periods glaze can be made less likely to dry it will have to do more often.


In central Russia carrot Samson, the description of which is given above, it begins to ripen in mid-summer.In July, it is already possible to pull on salads and zazharki.Dig carrots in August, carefully hooking someone shovel.Root vegetables are laid out along the edges of the beds to dry, and then remove the tops and descend to the cellar in boxes for storage.Containers can be used as plastic and wood or metal.The main thing that they were barred.The cellar is desirable to expand the tablet from rodents.

What can I cook delicious root vegetable?

How to make mashed potatoes?

To prepare this dish will need to take 2 carrots, Samson, 30 ml of milk, salt and a teaspoon of olive oil.Mashed follows:

  • carrots thoroughly washed and scraped off the top skin.
  • Then it is cut into small cubes, lay in a saucepan and fill with water so that the product is fully covered.
  • Put the pan on low heat and wait for boiling water.
  • Cooked carrots rubbed through a sieve.
  • added to the slurry, boiled milk and olive oil.
  • All thoroughly mixed.

Store in the refrigerator should be mashed.

quick way pickling cabbage with carrots

As already mentioned, this grade is often used in pickling cabbage.Juice of root crops Samson gives a lot of pleasant orange color and improves its taste.Next, we present you the recipe for quick pickling cabbage and carrots in this class.For canning you will need to prepare:

  • cabbage - 1.5 kg;
  • carrots - 3 pcs .;
  • sugar - 100 g;
  • vegetable oil - 100 ml;
  • vinegar - 100 ml (a 9%);
  • black pepper - 5 peas;
  • garlic - 3 teeth;
  • salt - Article 1.5.l;
  • water - 500 ml.

Cabbage should be cut into strips, carrots - grate, and garlic - cut into thin slices.Then mix all the vegetables and lightly pressed down so as to form some juice.The brine is prepared as follows:

  • in a mug filled with water;
  • poured salt, sugar and pepper;
  • container is put on the fire and boil for a few minutes;
  • added to the hot mixture of oil and vinegar.

After repeated boiling brine is poured in vegetables.Then the mass is thoroughly mixed and shifted in an enamel pot.Top vegetables with brine need something to pin down.Under the pressure of cabbage should stand for about 7-8 hours.Then it is possible to shift into glass jars.

Well, hopefully we are sufficiently detailed answers to the question of what constitutes a carrot Samson.Features, reviews of her now you know.As you can see, this root is very unpretentious, tasty and growth in Russia, of course, appropriate.Reviews of this grade at the local truckers only positive.The seeds of the absence in specialized stores easy to buy over the Internet.