The list of words-parasites.

Word-speech parasites cause a huge loss of meaning.After all, people use them, they often do not notice or do not attach importance to clog his speech becoming an intricate and meaningful.

Superfluous words: how to do without them?

list of words-parasites is enormous;It is harmful, unnecessary, "weeds" and "false elements" meaning of what they eat, eating human speech.However, they are absolutely not a sign of illiterate people and can be found in small amounts in the speech of cultural and competent personalities, and even the image can become distinguishing man from the crowd.As an example, even a specially crafted creative movement "Mitka", used in their vocabulary "Elah-burns", "ah-ah-ah-ah", "Duc" and other words, playing a strategic role.In this case, their pronunciation consciously.And most of them word-parasites are used reflexively.

Fad or ignorance?

Words-parasites in speech can be used as a fashion statement.And stick to the tongue only because they are spoken all around.Some expressions can even decorate it, writers and educated journalists sometimes use fashion insertion type "Oka-smacking", "Kick", "respect", thus replacing the turnover of a few words, which still need to choose wisely for the articulation of their thoughts.

One reason for the blockage of speech is excited and emotional state when weeds emotions and words fly from the tongue.Significantly pronounced "tin" give an incredible impression of the information heard, approving the "theme" shows the other party's interest in something.The words-parasites "FOREVER", "cool", "perfect", "perfect" is used for the transmission of enthusiasm, satisfaction, sympathy and joy.Such options often used in youth slang.

interesting to note that almost never in the list of words-parasites are not included verbs, conjunctions, nouns, adjectives, prepositions.Basically it is a particle ("as if", "perhaps", "well", "well", "here").Used and pronouns ("as it is", "where", "this is the most").Popular and unnecessary introductory elements of speech ("actually", "short", "therefore", "assume", "in principle", "mean"), having a weak lexical meaning.And the problem here is not the use of words-parasites, and the inability to clearly express his thoughts.Therefore, there are awkward pauses that create discomfort in the conversation, a man in a hurry to complete something.

Word parasites: examples

list superfluous details in everyday speech is vast.Perhaps, rarely without them:

  • Count.This is
  • .
  • Well.
  • type.
  • not matter.
  • Whatever.
  • No problem.
  • short.
  • in principle.
  • Either way.
  • Almost.
  • so to speak.
  • in general.
  • fact.
  • Clear.

In fact, do not be afraid to use a pause in the conversation;skillful orators especially in public speech used them as gimmicks, concentrating public attention and allow to perceive and analyze the information they have heard.

Why from your vocabulary remove unnecessary turnovers?

  • Because of their irritating, unnerving hearing and generating a bad impression, especially in the first communion.
  • Word parasites and their importance issue of human insecurity, making the spoken phrase less compelling and clear and turning them into a stream of "water", from which we can conclude that it is a signal of weak ownership situation.
  • clog it, they lead to confusion in the mind.When the clean speech and thinking is clear and simple.
  • not carry any meaning, often being the companions of people ignorant.
  • difficult to understand the meaning of speech, disfiguring and simplifying it.

Word parasites and their importance

Lexical parasites tend to give out the secrets of personality and character, they are used.

«short» - the most used nerve, always hurrying people.Most often found in speech irascible choleric.It has been observed that the use of "short" only extends statement.It can be replaced by the following synonyms: "word", "therefore".

«Actually" - typical of the insecure persons capable of a scandal at the slightest provocation.It is also the escape from the word self-confident personalities, few consider the opinion of others and putting in first place his own point of view, you are ready to prove foaming at the mouth.Synonyms: "actually," "in its main features," "as a whole", "generalized".

«This is the most" - pronounce the lazy people who try when tucked opportunity to shift their duties and responsibilities on the shoulders of another person.

«the way" - a favorite word of people feel uncomfortable, and the company is trying to draw attention to themselves.Synonyms: "by the way", "the way."

«Type", "mean" - use conservative and aggressive people.Synonyms: "therefore" "Thus," "it follows".

«As if" - the word adolescent generation and creative personalities who thus unknowingly emphasize the vital uncertainty and lack of confidence in their own words, their ruggedness and incompetence.Whatever - it's either "yes", or "No", or "do not know".

«That is" - the most treacherous turn.It is used most often masquerades as a bunch of speech.If the use of words-parasites will become a habit, then it will look cluttered.As a result, it will determine its poor understanding of the interlocutor.

«In general," "as a whole", "so to speak" - in immoderate consumption are a serious indication of the uncertainty of the speaker, seeking to leave yourself a loophole for retreat.

Getting rid of unnecessary words?

noticed that the person who uses in his speech superfluous inserts often simply does not notice them, which suggests the need to identify such deficiencies.This can be done by recording on tape for specific text - retold from a newspaper article or a recently viewed the movie.Listening to reveal a list of words-parasites, lead to understanding and awareness gaps and cause the need to get rid of them, because it will become clear what elements are in speech unnecessary waste.

extra help identify interlocutors - frequent partners in conversation.You can ask the person with whom you communicate regularly (friends, colleagues, family members) to follow the purity and clarity of speech.

Thinking through what has been said and intonation

easy to unlearn words parasites previously in considering the future it (the story, report, performance), trying to give it a concise and shape.Always a lot of garbage by volume text, therefore, to avoid the presence of "water", you should make it a concise and informative.And do not worry about that after getting rid of unnecessary elements it will seem a poor and dull.In this case, the aid will come intonation, helping enthusiastically talk about the most ordinary things, opening up their audience with a new, previously unknown to them party.The quiet tone of voice, almost a whisper that could develop into a dramatic conclusion with an emphasis on the main ideas, unhurried utterance of phrases, highlighting key turns and maintaining meaningful pause - effective tool that creates intrigue, which attracts the listener's attention and arouse interest in the conversation.

Methods for cleaning speech

interesting use of the so-called knock on the keys.To do this, we need only imagine that you need to type text or a text message.And, of course, would be inappropriate, in the typed text will meet empty words - "this is the most", "here", "pancake» ...

Many training oratorical skill to get rid of his listeners from clogging speech offer highly effective, the assurances of teachers Method.Each use of "plug-in element" people hear it receives certain cash consideration that the speaker is free.

It is believed that the replacement of "stalking" within the meaning of the word close can exclude it from his speech, so you should always use synonyms to avoid repetition and the use of words-parasites.For example, for the word "probably" would be a suitable replacement for such "likely", "anticipates", "possible".A huge role in enriching vocabulary playing reading books, reading aloud and puts in the minds of the structure of statements and enhances vocabulary, honing articulation, diction development, get rid of Tongues, angularity speech and coarse expressions.

Clean speech

Saying need to build of short sentences that are understandable and accessible to everyone, the deletion of the list of words-parasites carrying a negative connotation, and difficult to understand spoken.

In any case, his speech should always be carefully considered, to control, monitor it and improve.At the same time it does not matter who is the interlocutor - the purity of speech should be absolute in conversation with anyone!