How to draw a pencil machine?

Many car lovers want to try on their own to draw at least one model, but the only way to get a beautiful, and everyone liked it.However, the artistic skills they have not at all, and the experience of a small drawing.What to do?For these fans draw here from time to time and there are various lessons posted on the Internet that can help to draw a pencil machine.It is useful to a large concentration and care to be clearly perform all the necessary lines and geometric shapes.Machinery, drawn in pencil, which is usually presented photos on various websites on the Internet are made, of course, at a professional level.We for our little master-class figure is much easier to take.As is known, in any practice, there is an unwritten rule: from simple to complex.Therefore, to understand how to draw step by step pencil machine takes a long time to spend on training.You will need to work out some of the techniques of visual perception, as well as the very technique of drawing with a pencil.In this case requires t

he ability to represent space in the mind of this or that object.

However, if you really want to paint the car with pencil, then you need to start a small fraction of patience and a bit of skill to draw.After all, without difficulty, as you know, the fish itself is home to not sail and fire!So, are you ready?Then proceed.

To draw a pencil machine, you must first select the model and imagine the configuration of its basic shapes and parts.For our artistic work, we have chosen a simple picture of a racing car.Presenting its shape, we put on paper slightly trapezoidal outline as shown.

Then it adds one more piece.We carry everything exactly as shown, where red indicates the drawing of the stage where you are now.We consider all the angles and location of figures - one below the other.

Following this step is followed by another, which are added in the same sketch variant, future wheels.They remind us here oval: one wheel half the other.Look carefully at the picture.

Now the wheels added another figure, a kind of a parallelogram, which is placed between the wheels, as shown.

Then connect smooth linyami all our figures so that there were outlines of the machine itself.Your sketch is almost ready.Do not forget to pay attention to the red line to simplify your task of visual perception.

Next add some additional items that can decorate our car.These are the elements: glare, reliefs, outlines the doors, headlights, bumper and others. All shown in the figure in red.

That sketch is now ready for the fact that it could decorate.

Choose any color you like and get to work.

Now, when your race car is ready for any presentation, you already know exactly how to draw a pencil machine.However, it is not necessary to dwell on such a simple illustration.You can complicate and develop their skills by performing more complex picture.Good luck and pleasant moments in the drawing!