How to install the sockets in the kitchen

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repairs in the kitchen makes it possible to qualitatively change the conditions of life of the whole family, especially the hostess.To help women get a lot of home appliances, which must be correctly installed and connected.It should be well thought out, where there will be machines, and how to position the sockets in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the majority of dwellings, especially old buildings do not have an internal power supply that is able to ensure the safety and smooth operation of appliances.During the renovation, as a rule, carried out a complete replacement of electrical wiring.

For the qualitative result of electrical work is necessary, first of all, to make three important steps:

- decide what techniques you will be connected to the kitchen;

- appeal to designers of furniture that they have created a project of kitchen units, taking into account the location and parameters of all the built-in furniture technology;

- entrust the execution of electrical works licensed electrician, giving him a draft cuisine, developed by designers of furniture, and express your wishes regarding the outlets that are designed for small electrical appliances: kettle, coffee maker, food processor and so on. It is important to obtain from the electrical circuit of your electrical wiringin the kitchen.

And you can even take a picture of the work done to the installation of kitchen furniture as not to damage it.

is important to master at least orient that has to do electrician to wiring in the kitchen was safe and comfortable, and consistent with basic international standards.

Now you can already determine which sockets should be placed in the kitchen, to count their number.

to technology that is constantly connected to the network, you must supply outlet with a ground for each device separately.We believe: fridge, freezer, dishwasher, stove, washing machine - 5 units.As a rule, these sockets in the kitchen have no more than 20 cm above the floor so that they could not be seen.

to extract this electrical appliance is placed above the kitchen furniture or in a locker, which covers the corrugated pipe from the hood.

for electrical appliances that we use on the work surface (blender, coffee maker and so on. N.), Sufficient to establish the 3-4 socket in the kitchen at a distance of 90-100 cm from the floor.Total kitchen is appropriate to place them near 10.

Best of all electrical wiring in the kitchen divided into separate branches:

- lighting;

- a group of sockets with grounding;

- without ground - for small appliances.

All branches are connected to a residual current device that increase the safe use of household appliances and allows, if necessary, disconnect from the mains only one branch and not the entire apartment.Installation of outlets in the kitchen does not tolerate ignorance and neglect of safety rules.

There are several "no", about which we should always remember:

- can not be placed in the kitchen socket is very close to an open fire and sink;

- they can not be installed in places with drawers;

- these devices can not be placed over the kitchen furniture built-in appliances.