What to expect when lights left ear?

If you're superstitious and you know a lot of will and their values, then you will be interested to read this article about what to expect, if there is a left ear.

The people from ancient times there are many superstitions and omens.They are associated with all anything.With the weather, with the family, with the behavior of animals, location of celestial bodies, with our state, that is, the way in one point or another we feel.Especially taken into account the feeling of burning, warmth, scratching at a particular part of the body.We say: the hand itches - money!Or, legs ache - to be rain.Or itchy eyes - to tears, and the nose - to drink.Just themselves sometimes wonder why all of a sudden, unexpected start to burn cheeks or ears, hand or foot.All this has its own meaning and interpretation in the long-invented and proven folk superstitions.What are these signs, waiting for something good or bad?Now we know.

Ears - it is the most visible beacon, which no state can not hide from yourself or from others, you can not hide.And those people who know the folk omens necessarily guess that happens to you, seeing your red ears.

If burn both ears at the same time - it means that someone says about you.Depending on how much time you will remember, you can determine how much interest you.Of course, the subconscious, intuition in different people are different, someone they are more developed, someone less.Still, each to some degree feels that about him someone gossiped.

As you can see, people's fiction is supported by some real-life facts.Yet there is a perception of doctors that can burn the ears of the big adrenaline rush when receiving stress.In this case, not only the burn ears and cheeks, lips, and even hand.

We discuss popularly accepted version of the interpretation of the situation.

So, if there is a right ear - it's good.So, for you speak only positive words, praise, recommend or just talk about you the truth.

Usually such omen believe people who have repeatedly tested its effect on himself.For example, the burning ear, you think who it remembers me?And the next day you will know that you really talked about, and the only good.Perhaps this can be explained somehow intuition, telepathy.But people are not too educated it seems the signs of execution.So it is transmitted from generation to generation.

By the way, note that if you ever lucky enough to guess who is thinking about you at the moment, ears immediately cease to burn.Just like a hand lift.

Now know if there is a left ear - what is it?

Logically, say that about you someone has very little criticism, slander you.From discussing your person people come strong negative energy.It is clear that this can not be anything good to wait.

If burning the left ear, it is necessary to wait for trouble.Perhaps we should pay attention to the people around you.Is there not among friends hypocrisy, duplicity?If someone in your absence, "wash up bones" should be vigilant.The sign, or some yet poorly studied phenomenon give you a sign, and would be foolish not to pay attention to it.

possible that just by discussing detractors lights left ear.The sign implies an explanation to this phenomenon.

In any case, if the left ear is burning, we feel discomfort, a feeling of confusion, anxiety.Sometimes this condition becomes headache, depression.All this suggests that even the most insensitive person can always feel the impact of negative energy force.

Our subconscious - a great power, it is not fooled.We instinctively feel a danger and a threat, no good attitude, and if the lights left ear - is once again confirmed.