Nyasha - it is for the neologism?

Youth Slang, like any other section of the vocabulary is constantly updated with new words.And at times to understand the meaning of these words is difficult.Now we talk about a fairly common word - nyasha.After reading this article, you will learn what it means to "nyasha" origins, the etymology of the word.Interested?Then read on.

"Nyasha" - what is this?

Surely you repeatedly confronted with this word.You may have heard someone uses it in his speech, or just stumbled upon it, surfing the Internet.So what does this word?

"Nyasha" - derived from interjections "nya".If we talk specifically about the meaning, "nyasha" - a synonym for the word "cute", "pleasant".As a rule, this word is used in relation to the pretty people.For example, the sentence: "She's so nyashka!"- The meaning is equivalent to saying: "She's so cute.""Nyashka" is also often used to refer to animals (mostly cats).

"Nyashka" is used in the lexicon of youth in order to emphasize the good-looking object.


"Nyashka" - a word that comes from the Japanese "nya" (nyaa).In turn, "AE" - a sound that mimics the cat's meow.That is, it is the Japanese version of "meow".This interjection can express a huge range of emotions.Everything depends on the tone with which to pronounce the word.For example, "AE" can be used as an agreement with someone, etc.

also worth say a few words about the pronunciation of interjections.As you know, in the Japanese language, each syllable its pronunciation takes the same length of time.This means that "nyaa" need to say so that it takes just as long as it takes "a".Thus, the word turns a little stretched, but, however, it fits nicely with the exclamation "Nyayayayayaya."

There is another popular Japanese word that came into use youth."Kawaii" - is essentially a synonym for "nyasha" which can be interpreted as a sweetheart or a cutie.


Why Japanese "AE" and "nyasha" became so popular that entered the youth slang?The answer is quite simple.In the anime often used the interjection "nya" in order to emphasize the charm of the specific characters.Therefore, the first time those words have begun to use animeshniki (fans of Japanese animation).And because this subculture is quite popular in our country, the word "nya" began to actively spread.We began to appear the words like "nyashka", "nyaka", "wheatgrass", "nyashechka", "nyakat" etc.Now the word has spread so much that it is used, even those who have never in my life heard of anime.

values ​​

"Nyasha" - is ambiguous words.That is, it has several meanings.For example, a rather interesting interpretation of this Dal Dictionary gives the noun.Nyasha (according to the dictionary) - it is the bottom of the sea, which is filled with a viscous mud, mud.

In addition, other languages ​​interjection "nya" has a completely different meaning.In English nyah expresses disdain or superiority.Essentially English "nya" can be translated as our draznitelnoe "Be-Be-Be".

"HN" in the Tibetan language refers to fish that is quite symbolic.After begging for fish, the cat delivers exactly the same sound.

in Vietnamese is quite a lot of words, which, by their pronunciation reminiscent of Japanese "nyaa".So, nha (the most "adverse events" in Russian transcription) may indicate the service and the organization of the tooth, can also be interpreted in the values ​​of the family dynasty, house, dusk, profession, chew.


"Nyasha" - is derived from the interjection "AE" which is interpreted as "cute", "cute".It's the word from Japan and became popular thanks to the fans of Japanese cartoons - animeshniki.The word "nyasha" has other values.If you believe the dictionary Dahl, the nyasha - a swampy and muddy bottom of the lake.In addition, Japanese nyaa has many different analogues in other languages.