How to prepare a rich soup of mushroom butter?

autumn nature gives us a tasty and healthy wild mushrooms, of which we are happy to prepare delicious meals.Of course, not all are suitable for cooking mushrooms, such as mushrooms, mushrooms and tasty volnushki longer in salt form.And the soup is best to take boletus, boletus, honey or butter mushrooms.Of the latter, and we will now prepare the first dish.

You may ask: "Why not from cultivated?"The answer is simple: just get wild mushroom nourishing, flavorful and nutritious soup.Even if you are not an avid mushroom picker, you can buy in any market or supermarket.For the preparation of suitable fresh, dried and frozen boletus.

Note that this kind of mushroom is very watery, and therefore requires a longer roasting.Mushroom soup is different from oil richness, aroma and taste of the divine.By the way, in the dishes can include add-on products: potatoes, zucchini, meat, pasta, herbs, milk, cheese and other ingredients.

Mushroom Soup: Recipe of the oil with vegetables

Necessary components into two liters of fluid: 300-400 g wild mushrooms, potatoes (three hundred grams), carrots, onions and green.Spices: black pepper, garlic, bay leaf.Always fresh dill and parsley.

method for preparing

Before sending our "lesovichkov" in the pan must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt by using a knife blade.Particular attention is paid to the cap.Put them in a deep bowl and fill with cold water - leave for an hour.During this time, the liquid must be changed several times.When the time cut into two pieces and fry in sunflower oil until all the water has evaporated.

Now pay attention root vegetables - potatoes cut into neat cubes and boil until half a bay leaf.Passiruem chopped onion and grated carrot.Interspersed with forest mushrooms to the potatoes and cook for another 10 minutes.A few minutes before turning off the burners add vegetable zazharku in mushroom soup of oil and chopped fresh herbs, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.

Milk soup with fresh oil

Have you ever tried a dish?If not, its delicate taste to remember.A set of products - the most basic and accessible for a person with low incomes.Ingredients: fresh mushrooms (two hundred grams), slightly less than a liter of milk, a liter of water.Be sure to need potatoes (two tuber), onions (head), fresh herbs (dill, parsley) and favorite spices.

Mushrooms need to pre-soak for an hour in cold water to the bitterness left.Then cut into medium slices and throws into the boiling water.Almost immediately put potatoes (chop into cubes) and pour the milk.Boil 15 minutes, all of the products.At the end of cooking, add the fried onions, chopped herbs and spices.When submitting a mushroom soup with fresh oil to put sour cream.

With the addition of noodles

four hundred grams of mushrooms to take egg noodles or thin spaghetti (one hundred grams), one chicken egg, onions and carrots.Spices: black and red pepper, garlic salt, dill and coriander.

Otmochennye in liquid butter mushrooms cut into two pieces and boil for some time on any lard or oil until almost all the water has evaporated.In a saucepan add the salt and boil, pour the pasta - boil for 15 minutes.To send noodles mushrooms, roasted vegetables (onions, carrots), Lavrushka, pepper and herbs.Serve mushroom soup from the oil hot with black bread.You can add white or cream crackers.This dish will satisfy your appetite and do not affect the figure.

Mushroom soup: recipe of butter and beef

Want to surprise your man tasty, wholesome and nutritious first meal?Then we offer to write this recipe.For it is necessary to prepare steam veal (about two hundred grams) butter mushrooms (half cup), carrots, leeks, celery root, a spoonful of flour.To make the brightness required herbs.

Boil the pieces of meat in a little salted water.Cooking time depends on the age of cattle, on average, about an hour.The scorodite fry the onion, add grated carrot, celery, mushrooms and flour - tormented in the fire for 10 minutes.

take out of veal broth (do not pour the liquid), and shift the weight to mushroom.Cover with a lid and tormented 7 minutes.All products pour in the broth, herbs crumble and put spices.Soup of the oil recipe is easier than you expected, has a high nutritional value and the aroma of wild mushrooms.

Creamy soup

For gourmets present the attention of a gourmet meal with a pleasant sweet taste of dried oil (one hundred grams), sour cream (two hundred grams) or cream, two tablespoons of flour, butter (100 g) carrots,onions, garlic, croutons and herbs (cilantro, dill).

Pre-soaked dried mushrooms about two hours.Do not drain the water, in which there were butter mushrooms, put on the fire and boil for half an hour.The result should be about three liters of fluid.Put in a pan with butter, salt and pepper, tormented 15 minutes.Passiruem onion until light golden hue.

in sour cream, pour a few spoonfuls of broth and add flour, stir thoroughly until smooth dough and add a thin stream into the soup.There also send the bow.We grind mushroom soup of oil in a food processor, heated, put the garlic with herbs and croutons.Please add the recipe cheese.Enjoy your own culinary masterpieces!