How to cook the pudding home.

Fragrant Kiselny drinks are especially popular with children.Most often, they are prepared on the basis of fruit juices or compotes, especially in summer.Consider how to cook pudding at home at any time of the year, using various products.

Home "highlight" of the beverage.Secrets of cooking

The jelly is different, for example, stewed or broth?The main feature - a viscous consistency.Moreover, its degree can range from mild thickening up quite a dense mass, like a jelly.Many young hostess ask: "How to cook pudding at home, to get different taste and appearance of food?" To do this will need to be reserved in the first place the most important component - the starch.From his future depends on the amount and consistency of the drink.Consider how to cook at home pudding with fresh fruit, a dry or semi-jam, give a series of tips and tricks.This article also lists options for the preparation of milk chocolate and sweet desserts.

How to cook at home jelly from the berries: a few tips

using fresh fruit, you must consider the following:

- tab produce berries in boiling sugar water;

- the amount of sugar should be in proportion to the taste of fresh ingredients (ie than sour grapes, the greater the need of sugar);

- to refresh the taste you can use a small amount of citric acid;

- drink to give a clear, strain the broth fruit prior to introduction into a starch mixture.

So, after boiling the water first vsypte sugar (about 1 cup of 2.5-3 liters), and then the berries (300-400 g).After a few minutes over medium heat longing can gradually thin stream, pour into a saucepan starch solution, stirring constantly.Once on the surface of the liquid will first bubbles (boiling signs), turn off the heat and let it brew for a drink.This special secrets on how to cook the jelly house from frozen berries or fresh, no.Stick to the general, the above recommendations.

Basic rules for the use of starch

Density of drink depends on the proportional ratio of the ingredient to the liquid volume.As a result, jelly can turn or slightly viscous, or pretty tight, like a jelly.The following table shows the parameters for the preparation of different variations of dishes.The basis is the liquid volume of 1 liter.

degree of density

starch Weight (g)

volume of starch (v. L.)










required pre-dry raw material is stirred until complete dissolutioncold boiled water (1-1.5 cups).As used for this volume of fluid is taken from the general proportions.If you use a magazine semi-finished work is much easier.Before you cook the pudding out of the pack at home, learn all accompanying instructions.As prescription information will be provided on the required amount of liquid for one briquette.The dry mix is ​​simply put into the hot water and bring to a boil.In the preparation of the semi-finished jelly is possible to add taste and conventional ingredients (sugar, berries, citric acid and the like. D.).And if you want to make the dish more rich and thick, just reduce the amount of water.

How to cook the jelly of the jam at home: a simple way to

But suppose that fruit and berry season is long over, and the shop semifinished you do not have, but want to eat something tasty and summer.Then you can use as a basis for any cooking jam.Prepare the drink follows:

  1. fruit or berry weight partially replace sugar in the drink, so it will require quite a bit.
  2. Pour in boiling water viscous mass and give a little boil until completely dissolved.It is desirable the broth before adding starch strain.After the jam, in contrast to fresh fruit, it does not always consist of whole pieces.This property can make the jelly cloudy and unattractive in appearance.
  3. adding starch principle remains the same.Inject the solution in a thin stream and stir until boiling.
  4. Optionally thick jelly can pour into serving containers and cool.

cooking dairy drink

When cooking of fruit desserts, as a rule, potato starch is used.When replacing fresh milk-based ingredients taste characteristics are completely different.To keep the special aroma and rich dishes, it is best to use in the preparation of maize starch.So, how to cook at home jelly made from milk?Follow the instructions.

  1. 0,5 liters of raw milk put on the fire to boil.In hot Stir in ½ cup of cut sugar and a packet of vanilla.
  2. in cold water (1 part-time cup) Stir 1.5-2 st.l.corn starch.The resulting mixture is starting to pour a thin stream into the boiled milk and stir.
  3. At the first sign of seething set aside a pot from the stove.
  4. Pour jelly on kremanki.To each batch on the surface of the tank is not formed foam, sprinkle lightly with sugar.

recipe chocolate jelly

On the basis of the above dairy dishes can be prepared in a variety of options goodies.One of the most popular desserts - chocolate pudding.It can also cook differently.The technology of preparation depends on whether you are ready or dry chocolate cocoa powder.In the first case the tile melted by placing in a hot milk after boiling.Dry cocoa component is introduced into the dish by mixing with the starch, and then their (diluted with water) is poured into hot sweet milk.Very interesting dish turns out, if it is to do a multi-layer, similar to a jelly.For this purpose prepared, for example, thick milk chocolate and jelly.After they complete the cooling is carried out in putting some clear glasses, alternating layers.Kids will love this treat!Be creative and invent new options for food!Bon Appetit!