Legal regulation of the securities market in Russia

In our country, the regulation of the securities market involved in both companies, which are involved in the stock market, and government agencies.Today, more than the number of accepted normative acts of the plan governing the redemption, release, and tendering securities on the territory of Russia.The main task of government agencies involved in the regulation of the securities market, - a level playing field for all investors, and to ensure the safe conduct of transactions with securities trading floors of Russia.

The state authorities of the Russian Federation the primacy of the regulation is carried out by the Central Bank of Borota oversee the issue of securities, created based on the requirements established by the legislation, as well as the licensing of professional activity of those taking part in the markets.

Legal regulation of the securities market in our country is carried out on the basis of federal laws adopted over 15 years ago.Today, it is clear that the legal framework has undergone significant adjustments.However, the basic principle behind most legislation is strict supervision of the activities of the securities market.

main task of legal regulation of the Central Bank - the openness of issuers, through which investors can get a clear picture of the activities of the companies owned Central Bank, which is going to become.

prevent fraud on the part of the issuer is not always possible, so the public authorities is too difficult to avoid cheating investors.Currently there are three main functions, using which it is possible to carry out the legal regulation of the securities in the Russian market.

first function - registration of analysts and brokers involved in trafficking in the Central Bank itself, as well as providing advice.

second function - ensuring transparency.Issuer plans to bring securities to market, is obliged to publish accurate and complete information about its activities.

Legal regulation of the securities market in the third case - the rule of law on the securities market and its maintenance.To this end, supervisory authorities periodically arrange check those companies that repeatedly allowed violations of working on the securities market.In such cases, they may be excluded from cooperation with issuers and investors.

In our country the main supervisory body, works with organizations that work in the securities market - the Federal Commission.Priority function, which is to coordinate the activities of the organization and the development of its communication, the establishment of mandatory conditions for the contracting parties, and to the order of their implementation, as well as the licensing of companies engaged in transactions with the Central Bank.

Legal regulation of the securities market will not happen without one more important function - taxation of participants in the transaction.In this way possible to regulate the activity of the market.

State regulation of the securities market in Russia controls the Federal Commission for the Securities.It creates and monitors codes of conduct issue bonds or shares of various commercial establishments, and, of course, carries out control over the activities of those involved in the securities market on the trading floors of our country.

Another bodies involved in the control of trafficking in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation - the Federal Service, which regulates financial markets, as well as working to ensure the rights of those who own the securities.In addition, regulation of the market involves trading platforms involved licensing organizations - brokers eligible to participate in the auction.However, such a company may lose the right to conduct transactions on the Russian market in the cases where the rules are broken accommodation, sale or purchase of securities.

Today, most traders believe Bank of the current legislation, which provides legal regulation of the securities market, imperfect, ie,does not meet the realities of life.According to them, it requires a thorough revision.But, looking the other hand, due to the strict control of various bodies, the Russian market has stabilized in recent years, as the majority of investors are showing increasing interest in the securities.