Subsoil Law in Russia

Nedra - a part of the Earth's crust which is located under the soil layer.If not available, the location of the subsoil - below ground as well as below the bottom of streams and ponds that extend to depths that are available for development and geological study.

current Subsoil Law controls relations arising as a result of geological exploration, protection and exploitation of mineral resources in the Russian Federation, its continental shelf, as well as the use of waste mining and related processing industries (sapropel, peat and other resources, including brine estuariesand lakes, and groundwater).

The current law provides economic and legal framework for the protection of mineral resources and the integrated management of their use.The Law on Subsoil provides both protection of Russian citizens and the state, including the rights of subsoil users.The present law of propagation throughout the Russian Federation, as well as on its continental shelf.

Subsoil Law of the Russian Federation is based

on the Constitution and consists of both current law adopted in accordance with him and other federal laws and regulations of the other, as well as laws and other legal acts of the subjects of our country.

Ownership of subsoil

owned by the state are not the only areas located in the territory of the Russian Federation and their respective underground space, but are in the bowels of energy and other resources, as well as minerals.Possession, disposal and use of mineral resources is carried out jointly by the Russian Federation and its subjects.

Subsoil Law states that the subsoil can not buy, sell, donate or inherited, as well as to invest or dispose of in any other way.Mineral rights can be transferred from one entity to another, or disposed of only in cases that may allow the Federal Law on Subsoil.

minerals and other resources that have been extracted from the depths, under the terms of the licensing can be in the property of subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as in private, municipal, federal state ownership, as well as other possible forms of ownership.

Why do we need a reserve fund

Fund reserve portions formed to ensure that the future needs of the Russian Federation as a strategic and scarce in the fossil of the subsoil areas that have not yet been provided for use.Subsoil Law does not allow for use in those areas which are part of the reserve fund, until such time as a decision is taken to exclude them from the reserve fund.

Decisions on the inclusion or exclusion of subsoil plots of federal fund are taken by the Russian Government on the proposal of executive authority - in the case, unless otherwise provided by federal law.

state supervision for the study, protection and rational use of mineral resources

main objective of state supervision is the prevention, detection and suppression of violations of subsoil users, as required by international treaties of the Russian Federation and Russian legislation on mineral resources, as well as approved by the law of the Russian Federation in accordance with established procedure rules, norms, standards in the field of geological study, protection and rational use of mineral resources.

state supervision is carried out by the executive, but rather authorized federal agency - such as the federal government supervision, as well as regional state supervision according to their competence in the manner prescribed by the supreme executive body of state power of the subject of our country and its Government.