If you look at any reference to Spain , you can see which city the remains of the legendary Sid

Before traveling to any country would like to know in advance of its sights and torit his route in order to cover as many as possible.Before the trip to Spain, along with other questions arise about who is Campeador, in which city the remains of the legendary Sid?To answer any guide to Spain, any agency brochure.They are buried in the city of Burgos.But the question is more than justified because the reburial of the remains were exposed several times.

Who is Sid?

man known in Spain under the name of Cid Campeador, the national hero of the country, there was the reality of the name of Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, who was a Castilian nobleman, born in 1040 and died in 1099. He got his nicknames due to the fame and legend,which he was enveloped during his lifetime.Nickname Sid, or "my lord" in Arabic, speaks about his belonging to the aristocracy - he was married to the niece of the king.It was given to the Moors and a recognition of his merits.Campeador - means "warrior."And the nickname is more than appropriate, because in all ages, there was little generals, not victims any defeat.Moreover, according to legend, he won after the death of yet another military victory.

death of the legendary hero

Ballad told about the request seriously wounded in a previous battle Sid to his wife about that after his death she rite of body armor, and set on the right horse Babeku released the gate surrounded by the Moors in Valencia.Jimena and I received.The Crusaders saw their leader at the head of the troops, rushed into battle and won a landslide victory.Of course, the hero honorably interred in Valencia, the fortress, which was the domain of Diaz.Otherwise, it could not be.Nobody in Spain wondered about the town in which remains of the legendary Sid.But the hero of the Reconquista (the war in the Iberian Peninsula for the liberation from the Moors), defender, generous philanthropist and patron of the dead.Valencia barely repulsed the siege of 3 years, but the Crusaders were forced to leave it for a century.

first reburial

with the retreating troops were moved to Castile, and the remains of the legendary Sid.All his life he was accompanied by court intrigues.A brilliant soldier, a fabulous rich later, beloved and loving husband - he could not help but envy.Slandered the King Alfonso VI, who gladly believe a lie, Sid for 9 days was forced to leave the territory of the then Spanish.King did not forget him what commander, being Alférez (trustee) killed the governor Sancho, Alfonso demanded purifying vows in a church before the altar of perfect innocence to evil.Even after many years, after many priceless offerings of gifts and their actual reconciliation was impossible to bury the remains of Sid in the capital.Church of San Pedro Carden, the walls of which found shelter for many years, and his wife the daughter of Don Rodrigo, when Alfonso VI does not allow them to follow her father and her husband took the body of the famous warrior.All Spain worried topic legends earth body of the hero - the town in which remains of the legendary Sid?The answer was - 10 kilometers from Burgos, in a monastery.At this time in the grave with him lay the body of his wife Jimena Diaz.The epitaph on the plate expressed all the love and reverence that cause this legendary couple from compatriots.

great hero of Spain

Lovely strategist repeatedly defeat the enemy with the help of military cunning, brilliant courtier gentleman, a successful warrior, Syd became the hero of the works of court poets and wandering minstrels.Ballads and Romances formed the backbone of the famous "Song of the Cid" This topic has been accessed at all times by many writers, became a masterpiece of Corneille's play "Cid."Missed contemporaries, driven by all the scenes on the orders of Richelieu, she later entered the repertoire of theaters in the world.The role of Sid, performed by Gerard Philippe, famed for its no less than cinematographic works.All product sang the legendary strength of the hero, military luck, the legendary male friendship and selfless devotion to the cause.Some modern researchers call Sid just lucky unscrupulous mercenary, but legends say about the god-like national hero.Jimena, his faithful "dove", also became the heroine of several works.In the veins of all subsequent Spanish kings bleeding Don Rodrigo.

final resting place

In 1919, the body of Sid and Jimena were solemnly reburied in the most beautiful monastery in Spain - the Cathedral of Our Lady of Burgos Cathedral.It was a tribute to the great hero and his companion, a recognition of his contribution to the greatness of Spain.Tomb of them very beautiful, it is indicated separately in all the brochures as an obligatory tourist destination.Thus it removed the haunting question of which city the remains of the legendary Sid.