Terry kampanula - kind of bell

Terry kampanula - the dream of every other flower growers.Past it is really difficult to pass and remain indifferent.Curly bush of this plant is strewn with large, as if carved, with flowers.Terry kampanula - a kind of bell ravnolistnogo.Alba - a variety with white flowers and May - with blue.Kampanula mini (Terry) is the popular name of "lover".Presumably, because of its vibrant beauty.Also copies with white flowers called "bride" and blue flowers - "groom."In some areas this plant is dubbed the "shooting stars."

Features kampanuly terry

plant blooms more than half the year.But in the rest it is very nicely - rounded lacy leaves literally stuck to thin flexible stems.Terry kampanula not all bloom.Many novice amateurs houseplants suffer because of her many afflictions.Kampanula - flower with difficult farming.Grow it from cuttings and manages all units.

Kampanula terry mix.Care

Let's see what difficulties stand in the way fans of bright bells.After all, these plants have special needs.If th

ey are taken into account, it will not be difficult cultivation.First, Terry kampanula - basket plant.This means that shoots it should hang freely.Many inexperienced housewife trying to fix them in the form of vines, which absolutely can not do."Shooting Star" kampanulu called precisely for this effect: large bright flowers hanging randomly allocated to escape.The plant is necessary to take a well-lit corner, but pritenit paper or gauze from direct burning rays.Sun kampanule necessary for flowering, but it also causes the leaves to turn yellow and wither, buds and weak due to overheating can not be revealed.Daily humidification need to care for this plant.In addition, you need to wipe the leaves clean rag important.Make sure that this tissue has not been previously laundered with aggressive synthetic powders - they should choose a mild detergent.Other chemicals can irritate delicate leaves terry kampanuly.Watering should be moderately heated rain water, adding it in small portions.

Fading buds and yellow leaves should be carefully removed.On dressing kampanula reacted ambiguously.On the one hand, it needs it.But the dosage is very difficult to calculate.You should begin with a small amount of diluted fertilizer.And then carefully observe the condition of the plant.If it improves, you can slightly increase the dose.

Reproduction kampanuly

winter, around the stem of young shoots appear.However, if the old stem, it can begin to wither away.It is important to keep the new plants, but carefully separate them in this part of aging.The fresh shoots should be transplanted into a separate container, preparing for her special primer - six pieces of turf, three parts leaf mold and one of peat and sand.To drain, place in a container crushed charcoal.