The key to comfort and comfort - interior wooden house

So, you have become the proud owner of buildings, of which you have long dreamed.Now we have to take the next step and proceed to finishing work, which will be implemented all your fantasy.
If you start to finish of a wooden house combined, then it finishes, you can use a combination of natural materials of wood, brick and lining.Successful interior wooden house will fit your taste and character, will please the eye and soothe your state of mind.
Currently on the market there is a huge range of interior wood and wooden houses with exotic woods give a fantastic view of the interior.At all times, the tree is very appreciated for their natural quality, which allows the interiors to get a good variety of architectural styles and technological solutions.
interiors with wood have a positive impact on health.Natural wood is perfectly regulates the microclimate of houses at the expense of breathability.Interior decoration of wooden houses wooden structures allows to maintain the moisture balance in the room.Th

erefore, many consumers are willing to build an environmentally friendly house made of wood and create it necessary interior.Interior decoration of the wooden house will help you make the most fantastic room interior and will create a sense of excitement from the unique pattern of precious wood.
Each element of the house has its own individual character.Enhance the beauty of a wooden house, you can use a large number of carved wooden furniture, the presence of a thin thread on frames and railing.Finishing welcomes the presence of handmade individual carved items that are great to decorate your home.Very good with wooden ceiling and wooden walls combined massive wooden furniture saturated colors.Technologies used for aging wood trim falshbalok.
Wooden houses also require complex finishing work, which is to finish the ceilings, walls, doors, floors and windows.Interior finish carcass is strictly linked to the wiring and installation of sewerage and water supply systems, Installation works.We have to take into account the placement of technical elements.
Finishing log includes a large segment of the work on the processing log for skopel, sanding walls and processing antiseptic.laminate flooring or carpet.It looks good with wooden parquet baseboards and various sills, fillets.Installation of decorative doors and windows, all kinds of finishing details.
Its use in interior decoration of log cabins found lining.Of course it is required, and exterior trim.You need to work on the wall decoration materials.Paint is used to protect the surface of the walls from the external environment.Apply artificial decorative stone and vinyl siding, panels, natural stone and many other materials.
finishing the attic has its own peculiarities.Interior decoration starts with a Coanda attic floors, paneling, finished with the room with the necessary planning.Often sheathe attic rafters - the room becomes more spacious, but grow costs of materials and costs.Mostly attic frame, respectively, and the walls are made frame - shields.The partitions laid the mineral insulation for soundproofing.Maybe decorate the loft pine paneling and a beautiful wooden box.Use a wooden staircase with balusters.

Ultimately, the choice of finishes will be given entirely to your imagination.