What is it.

One of the conditions of formation of socially active person is to master human speech - the ability to pronounce certain sounds, words, sentences.Its practical application is called language.What is it?Do people improve their ability to speak?How can I eliminate the defects of speech?Not a complete list of issues that are of interest to parents as soon as their child utters the first words.

What is it

Scientists have identified a number of basic functions of speech, which everyone should know.

  1. It is a unique tool with which people communicate with each other feelings, thoughts.Language serves as a means of communication.
  2. Through speech is the assimilation and transfer of collective experience of humanity.Through language, people learn about the world in which they live.
  3. To achieve the result of human activity it is obliged to organize and plan.This process is possible only if he possesses language skills.
  4. Using speech man is able to influence the thoughts and feelings of other people.

These functions are fully disclose the value of language in the life of mankind.

What is it

If we consider the existence of the language in terms of its forms, it is possible to identify oral and written.At the time of writing or reading works written speech.What is the oral form is used by man?Listening and speaking - a kind of speech.

If we take into account the number of participants in the call, then it can be dialogic and monologue.Translated from the Greek allows us to understand that a dialogue - a conversation between two or more persons, as a monologue - a statement of one man.

terms of pathologists, it is right or wrong.A similar assessment of language give linguists.In their view, the right - it is competent, but it can have both positive and negative color.Incorrect same (illiterate) contains a large number of language errors.

Is it important to the ability to speak intelligently

dispute about what it is to be human, scientific educational environment occurs quite often.This issue is concerned and the younger generation and older.Most people are still inclined to think that the language should be literate, that is beautiful.

ability to speak properly are not born with man.This is a skill you need to learn.The process of language acquisition begins in the preschool childhood and continues throughout life.To achieve the result alone is not enough desire.It will take some effort and spend a lot of time.

man who has mastered the art of speaking, always makes a good impression, he stands out from the surrounding.As used figures of speech indicative of the level of its culture.It is believed that a person who knows how to control the flow of words, phrases, sounds, and is able to control the mind.

Thus, possession of a good with positive beautiful language of his painting - a huge human dignity.

What kinds of speech defects

Malfunctions articulation device are indicative of incorrect speech.Tongues brings a lot of trouble, who can relate to his personal life and career, relationships surrounding a person.

child is experiencing difficulty in the speech organs, is bound to have problems with schooling.They may be related to the overall performance, the formation of handwriting, spelling literacy, mastering the technique of reading.

How can there be human if not the relevant authorities?

  1. fuzzy or distorted pronunciation of the pronunciation of individual sounds - baby burrs, lisp.
  2. Neprogovarivanie endings of words.
  3. Violation of the order of sounds in a word - they are replaceable.
  4. poor vocabulary.
  5. inability to build a cohesive statement.
  6. Violation pace pronunciation of words (slow or fast), stuttering.

Causes of

dealt with that, what is it if not the articulation device, pay attention to the factors that could affect these issues.But the origins of violations are varied.

One of the causes of the failure of the speech organs - this is a different kind of injury that could be obtained child during birth or in the first years of life.This cause can be categorized as the most serious.No less serious and one that relates to a genetic predisposition.

Also, speech disorders may be caused by insufficient development of phonemic hearing, resulting in the inability of the child to perceive the full spoken phrase.Stay kid in a certain environment, voice is also a significant impact on the level of language development.

great importance to the formation of the baby's ability to speak, listen, read or write may have his parents and his inner circle.For example, the replacement of live watching television communication will inevitably lead to delay.If adults do not pay attention to visible defects, thinking the problem is solved by itself, it can cause considerable lag in speech development.

Where eliminates speech defects

Before watching and correcting deficiencies specialist to whom the patient is addressed, is obliged to establish the causes of the difficulties.It depends on them methods and techniques that will be used in the work.

If the development of speech affect neurological abnormalities, or they are associated with incorrect articulation of the structure, then, in addition to speech therapy, will require the surgeon or neurologist.A comprehensive approach to working with people with developmental disorders of speech is the most effective.

Speech therapy sessions with the child can be carried out by experts in schools, kindergartens.These rooms open at children's clinics or child development centers.Speech therapist conducts classes using multiple techniques, methods and techniques.The exercises are aimed at developing articulation apparatus, motor skills, the child's ability to observe, compare, analyze, express their emotions.

great help in overcoming the difficulties of speech toddler have parents working with him at home.Doctors and teachers, explaining to adults, what can there be a child with regular classes, give specific assignments.All recommendations must necessarily be carried out.Only with this approach can obtain lasting benefits.

where he taught correct speech beautiful

If a person has a desire to improve the style of language, its expressiveness, Vocabulary, then this speech perfectly suited special courses.

Many people believe that such exercises are needed only for the mastery of foreign languages, but it is not.We study them well and we are native.What it can become after training?It is a pleasure to show people who have passed the course.

To develop a beautiful literate speech schoolchildren conducted special extracurricular activities provided by the curriculum.

directed to that speech exercises

tasks aimed at the development of language, can be performed in conjunction with a teacher on their own or in groups.The exercises proposed below also provide an understanding of correct speech.

So, it should be what?A good speech is different conciseness, a rich vocabulary.Using the means of expression only decorates language.

Examples speech exercises

  1. remember the name of recently viewed movie or read the book.Describe the content of the four sentences that can be recorded or retained in memory.Think about which of these proposals is not so important, it eliminates it.Similarly, do unto other proposals, leaving only one.Say it a few times to edit, if you think it sounds wrong.This exercise is performed regularly, it will teach you to express ideas succinctly.
  2. Tongue Twisters loved by many - it is fun and rewarding.But what medlennogovorki known not for everyone.Exercise helps to eliminate inconsistencies slurred speech.The problem is that the phrase was uttered slowly and distinctly, in compliance with pauses.But stop and unjustified delay sound should be excluded.Try to enjoy sounding speech.Phrases for the exercises can be selected independently or use the recommended.

Short tips

  1. Always remember what it is.
  2. aware that the manner of speaking, you can find out a person's character.
  3. Slurred speech indicates no culture or knowledge.
  4. Instead of words-parasites, use a short pause.
  5. Listen to how people talk.