Pink rose and its symbolism

no flower more beautiful and mysterious than the rose.She dedicated the poem, she captured on canvases, on the arms, it often serves as a means of transmission of encrypted messages, signals or unexpressed personal feelings.One can argue about what beautiful roses - red, maroon, yellow or white.Someone sweeter prim and austere beauty, and someone - tender and touching as a pink rose.A flower painting has a certain symbolism, which represents some of the best qualities of the human soul.

Rosa and its history

Provenance rose as the cult of the flower as rich as her beauty.She also florid and ambiguous, like the petals of a combination of tenderness and prickly thorns ...

first mention of Rose takes us to the ancient East.It is in these countries rose began its "world" ascent to Olympus floral kingdom.Already in those days this wonderful flower held an extraordinary place in the culture and everyday life of the eastern society.From there he rose migrated to Ancient Greece, becoming the flower of Aphrodite.Like many others, the gentle beauty was destined to be, and then settle down in Rome: the soldiers before going to put myself in the head a wreath of roses instead of a helmet.

At the end of the XIX century rose is already present in the royal and the royal court, is considered one of the most exquisite flowers.And this is not the full version of the origin of this plant.We can only guess how much it was due mysterious, romantic, sometimes tragic events.These days it has found its final status, becoming the queen and queen among the flowers.

who prefers roses

"Tell me what you love flowers, and I'll tell you who you are" - this can be rephrased not unknown statement.People who love roses, different hardness of their intentions and purpose, they idolize comfort, stability and good, expensive things.

rose red, Rose White and Yellow: the color and its value

Burgundy and red roses prefer confident and respectable gentlemen.Such solid colors accepted to give people the ladies aged or person with a position in society.Pink rose like more romantic, not yet "full-fledged" natures, just starting your career.These flowers are made to give young ladies for a birthday or a sign of incipient heart feelings.Young girls maroon and red roses are not supposed to present.

Yellow is associated with the separation and separation, but the yellow rose is actively used in the preparation of unusual floral arrangements.And as a huge bouquet they also enjoyed considerable demand.In any case, the one who gives or uses a yellow rose, demonstrating creativity, unconventional approach to things and the desire to draw attention to themselves.So many colors can tell.

Pink roses.What do they mean

buds of delicate flowers can only mean the same feelings and express emotions quivering only one who gives them.Pink rose - a symbol of virginity, youth, young, immature, which is on the verge of growing up, but is still far from being able to transcend it.

Pink Rose always gave very young girls just entering the period of its flowering.Knights present them when there was a need to confess to feelings, but discovered that it was impossible to do.To all this, if the girl was too young, she was handed a pink rose with unopened bud.It is also customary to give this flower in the early stages of the novel as a harbinger of the future, a deep and passionate feelings.This is only a small part of that pink rose symbolizes: You can put it in their innermost feelings and hopes ...

Flowers &

Pink multifaceted, ambiguous.It says a lot about many things and is silent.There is in this color is some innuendo, ambiguity, inscrutability.From this he beckons, it gives hope and anticipation of something tender, gentle, hopeful, loving and sweet.Therefore pink roses more often than, for example, maroon or red, used in the preparation of bouquets and arrangements.They can enhance the beauty of a flower or the other, on the contrary, to smooth too artsy, bright and aggressive elements in the composition of the bouquet.Pink rose may be neutral, but can drag all the attention on himself.

addition, bouquets of roses can often be seen at weddings in the hands of the bride.In this case, they emphasize the poignancy and tenderness wedding dress and the girl herself, who has not yet become a married lady.Roses with pink buds often portrayed as a thank you for their help or a sign of appreciation and respect.They also give the fans their idols, actors or singers.

These are multi-faceted pink rose.What are they - it's the one who gives them, or who bought the delicate flowers for yourself.But, because of its color, they will always personify gentleness, love and purity.Will give hope and sweet anticipation of something bigger and passionate.