When I get married?

Our people know that if you want to get married or get married, it is better to observe all signs and rules to be followed by even our grandmothers.What is it - few people realize, however, argue with centuries of life experience, not all at risk.In this article you will learn about when to get married, so marriage was strong and happy.

In general

If a girl thinks: "When I get married?" - It is likely to have to study a variety of signs, to understand what they are based on.Thus, different seasons and even a month can bring to family life special nuances.Pay attention should be on the wedding day, and the state of the planet, it is also important from the point of view of the harmony in the future.


So, if you want to get married in the winter, you must know that every month can bring to family life.December is very favorable for the wedding, because all relationships entered into at this time, will be warm, the family filled with love and peace.For the main mesyatsa- "revelers" in January, it is better not to attend the wedding palace in this period.After all, women who got married this month, the risk of being widowed.If a woman wants a beautiful winter wedding and thought: "When I get married?" - It is better to do it in February.Marriages of this month, will be strong, and relationships - trust.


If a girl gets married in March, the signs say it is likely to be living in a strange land, in-law in the house.And precisely because of this it will have quite a hard life.As for April, this month is very changeable weather.It is believed that the couple and the relationship will be the same: everything will be fine, the band will come quarrels and failures.Compared to May, many people know that it is not necessary to marry this month, because all his life will have to suffer.In other tales, if the family is formed in this month, in a short time in the house can be seen treason.Reviewing all spring, we can conclude that none of the month is not considered auspicious for marriage.Why is that?Quite simply, because it is a question from previous years, when the spring was considered the most difficult time of the year in terms of employment - sowing the fields and processing their gardens.So deal with amorous affairs, and even did not have time.And so it turned out that even modern people, not working on the ground, still is not at risk to establish their family in the spring, remembering his grandmother's advice.


If a woman thinks, "When I get married?" - It is also necessary to know what to say about himself every summer month.People say, who married in June at the honeymoon will last a lifetime.The July marriages will share equally in all the: joys and sorrows.It will be in a family full of both good and bad minutes in an equal amount.With regard to the last month of summer, it's probably the most favorable time for a wedding.It is believed that if married at this hour, the husband is a loyal friend and companion for life.


quiet and peaceful life will give the newlyweds September.All marriages are concluded this month, they are sturdy and family - positive on all sides.Hard and difficult life runs the risk that a couple who wants to get married in October.This month is extremely unfavorable for creating family units.Well, the last month of autumn - November - is very favorable, especially it may seem to those who wish by means of marriage to bring to life the material well-being.This month promises a rich and beautiful newlyweds joint path.Thus, answering the question of when to get married (a month), the bride can choose any time, for each pair of relations should be something special.It is not necessary to dwell entirely on the above, but it is better to take into account the experience of centuries.

the years

Every mother thinks about the time when her daughter gets married: whether it is favorable, whether the marriage will bring happiness.For many people, for example, know that it is better not to marry in a leap year, because life is hard.However, this is, by the way, is not baseless.In addition, the history of such beliefs do not notice.The only caveat: the houses in-law, and the truth is never anything at this time not was started, but the couple could marry without problems.The fact is that the leap year is considered temporary brides, t. E. The girls themselves could easily walk to inquire and to propose to the guys.Another thing is that in our country it is very rare, so the wedding was really little at a time.That's all the explanation.Also, people can hear that next year after a leap year - the time of widows, and after him - the year of widowers.However, again, this belief has arisen after the military action in which many people were involved.That's all the explanation.It is now completely lost relevance and does not make sense.So what if she thinks: "When I get married?" - She could easily choose any year that she has liked.


girls also need to know what day of the week in which the marriage takes place, it depends on what will be the attitude of the family.So, it helps to understand when to get married so as to remain happy.Marriages on Monday, will bring young all sorts of nuances.So, the mood in the family will depend on a variety of small things, even mood swings.Often, too, scandals, after all family members who got married on this day, hard to call indifferent to each other.Man is either much love or fiercely hate your soul mate.However, this condition is not always stable, and it will change from a terrible war to a complete cease-fire.Tuesday, as Thursday is considered a bad day for the wedding.Thus, the Union concluded the second day of the week, will go under the sign of the planet Mars, which inherently has a militant.In such a family will often quarrels and conflicts.As for Thursday (the day manage a planet like Jupiter), marriages in a given day, will constantly be in a state of figuring out who is the boss.The eternal struggle for supremacy, headship in the family - that is the main activity of the spouses who wish to sign a given day.With regard to the environment, ruled by Mercury, such marriages are rather cold.However, if people are liberal configured and ready to give her half the freedom of choice and action, these families will be happy.A dual and Saturday.Happiness in marriage of the day, promises only to those who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the family.And only then, when ready to work on the relationship, both members of the couple.The most ideal days for the wedding are Friday and Sunday.Friday, ruled by Venus (which is considered the patron of lovers), bring the family happiness, peace, peace, harmony and satisfaction.Sunday - the day of the Sun - no less than a great time for a family.The pair will support and support for each other, and relationships - strong and happy.

Adverse hours

If a girl wants to find out when to marry, she must also know what time could be extremely unfavorable for marriage.First, you need to ensure that the planet Venus did not move in the opposite direction, ie,not retrograde.It promises newlyweds rapid cooling to each other and the loss of any interest in his half.Also it is necessary to know that this time is not particularly stable, it changes.In one year the period from July to September, in the other - from August to October.The same applies to Mercury retrograde, but this time will be difficult with the bureaucratic point of view.Marriages at this time, may prove to be, for whatever reason void, for example, will complicate the procedure of obtaining a certificate or other unpleasant nuances.


great importance is also the state of the Moon.It is believed that the wedding is better to play on the growing moon.In such families, the people will always feel the interest and attraction to each other, and the cooling of relations there will not even be out of the question.A good sign is considered, if the moon enters the signs of the zodiac, which positively affect family life - Taurus, Cancer, Libra.Moon in Aquarius promises prompt young molestation each other.In Scorpio or Virgo - the loss of their halves under tragic circumstances.Ideal for marriage are considered 3, 6, 12, 17, 24, 27 lunar days.It is also not advisable to marry during the eclipse, it symbolizes the imminent dissolution of the marriage.

the widow

Some women may be interested in the question of when the widow can marry.Thus, according to the Orthodox canons to create new family women after her husband's death can be.It is desirable to be guided by the same rules that are created for people who for the first time to raise a family.There are no restrictions or bans there.