Compatibility of Aries and Pisces - what to expect from such a union

Compatibility Aries and Pisces are often put under serious doubt, as it is a very strange and complex union.These two zodiacal signs are not so similar that it is difficult to imagine how such people can get along together, especially for a long time.According to astrologers, this is one of the worst combinations.Long-term relationship between them is very rare.These characters belong to two diametrically opposed elements: water and fire.Perhaps that is why the relationship in such pairs are often hampered by differences in temperament.Aries are impulsive and hot-tempered, and fish, even in difficult situations can keep cool.

Compatibility Aries and Pisces is complicated by the fact that these people have completely different principles and goals in life.As a rule, these relations is accompanied by various grievances, complaints, and emotional outbursts.Horoscope Aries and Pisces are not so similar to each other, even surprising how such people in general there are relations.Normally this relationship

begins from sexual attraction, but if more partners will not find a "common denominator" of these relationships are usually doomed to failure.Compatibility of Aries and Pisces may be more or less normal, when the basis of the relationship is not just sexual attraction, but some unifying idea.Such an idea can become a common cause, common interests and hobbies, religious beliefs.

Compatible signs Aries and Pisces is complicated even mundane situations.Aries insanely annoying petty and mercenary Pisces.The tendency of people born under the sign of Pisces to the carping groundless Aries often brings up the "white-hot", which makes him angry storm of emotions that can lead to scandal and the breakdown of relationships.

calm enough Pisces annoying excessive temperament and impulsiveness of Aries.If the beginning of the relationship bursts choleric temperament amuse fire sign of Pisces, the longer they are together, the stronger the explosive nature of the partner pushes a man born under the sign of water.Compatibility of Aries and Pisces, and suffers from the fact that love privacy and relative quiet fish often do not understand the desire to Aries constant contact with friends, noisy parties and various entertainment events.

Aries possess the creativity and the desire to assert themselves, and Pisces is absolutely do not accept the primacy of something another person.They will constantly seek to limit a soul mate within a certain framework.The rebellious spirit and straightforward Aries will seek to break out of the established rules, which also complicates the situation in such a union.

About the compatibility of men and women of Aries-Pisces astrologers say as one of the most unfortunate combination of zodiac signs.Female Pisces her attitude to life bring their emotional and active partner to apathy and depression.

more chances Union women and men Aries-Pisces.By their nature, Aries woman is able to turn a blind eye to many of the shortcomings of her lover.It may even confer it the qualities that are inherent in it and did not.Although, like all other people, it is rarely a long time to look at my personal life through "rose-colored glasses," especially if the partner does not even strives to meet its ideals.

Compatibility Aries and Pisces implies a denial of people these signs from their own selfish interests and claims.People in the Union must learn to listen to each other and respect the position of partner.If partners will be able to transcend themselves, to give way to another person or to find a compromise, such an alliance could survive for very long.