Gemini and Taurus.

Before considering the compatibility of Gemini and Taurus, you must familiarize yourself with the most important characteristics of each of them.


sociable and charming, with any person find a common language.They have wide interests, and easily adapts to any business completely.Get along with everyone, they have no enemies can get along with any kind of person, so as with other signs, Gemini and Taurus compatibility can bring positive results.

This is a dual sign, so often in strong outer shell hides a banal lack of confidence, and sometimes it is a real problem in pererostaet twins and need help from the outside.Often this sign suffers certain manias and phobias, is irritable and nervous.

But this sign gives the world a lot of the brilliant people in various fields, including science and art.

As for love, Gemini has a great need to love and be loved.They need a sense of security and affection from the partner.


On the one hand it is practical and sober people, and the other soft, loving comfort, more sensitive and sometimes lazy.Taurus loves material things and always strives to be provided, but not always trying to bring success.He likes luxury and sometimes it is too wasteful.

distinctive feature of Taurus - stubborn, which can take the form of a kind of manic.Therefore, as with other signs, compatibility horoscope Gemini and Taurus will not be as perfect as excessive uspryamstvo turning into obstinacy is not always harmless.

In true romantic soul of Taurus.He is peculiar sentimentality, even if we talk about men.In love, calm and patient, but at the same time wary and cautious.In respect of his obstinacy and a certain percentage of moodiness often lead to quarrels, even on the most insignificant occasion.

Gemini and Taurus compatibility

in respect of these characters is not so smooth.For Gemini Taurus often plays the role of stimulus.The twins are quite active, constantly to strive for something, they want to achieve something, and Taurus, because of its practicality and sober mind, it is often perceived as a whim and may even laugh at the beginnings and attempts to Gemini to change anything in their lives.There is emotional stress, which leads to scandal and tears.

On the other hand, Taurus want to rest, relax at home in a relaxed atmosphere, and there are constantly in motion Twins, who are trying to involve her companion in the not interesting to do.They need peace and quiet, not the incessant speech Twins, constant movement, noise and perpetual mess.Therefore, conflicts often arise because of the difference in nature of the sign Gemini and Taurus.

Compatibility fizzles when you consider that the representation of the Taurus family and home life are different from the views of the Twins.They do not understand that you need a variety of partner that Gemini by nature sociable, while the Taurus - the nastoschy homebody who values ​​tradition and has a completely different idea of ​​the perfect family.

course, Gemini and Taurus compatibility depends primarily on the nature of the people and the feelings of their binding.If there is a mutual desire on both sides, then they just need to learn to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings (in their view) partner.And this is not an easy process.Taurus should loosen its control and will give a little twins who, in turn, is necessary to relieve a little energy or direct it in a different direction, and the partner to show their gentle and loving hand.Still, the conflict between the characters can not be avoided, since the character of a person is very difficult to change.