How to pickle bacon at home using brine

salty bacon is one of the most popular products at the Slavic population.There is an impressive amount of all sorts of cooking recipes that allow you to get a certain softness, taste and smell.The most interesting is the recipe, which describes how to pickle bacon at home, using brine.


For cooking you will need:

  • bay leaf;
  • lard - 1 kg;
  • allspice;
  • garlic;
  • black pepper;
  • Ground paprika;
  • salt.

Choice fat

There are many different ways to choose this product.However, experts strongly recommend to buy it from reliable people and pay attention to the press, which puts sanitary service on the carcass of the animal.However, some instructions telling us how to pickle bacon at home are advised to take it with a small layer of meat, as it turns much tastier.For this recipe, this option is perfect, because the product will coddle, which means that all bacteria in it in meats (in fat because of its density does not contain many parasites and some bacteria) are destroyed.

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Some recipes telling how to pickle bacon at home, it is recommended to cut it into small pieces without damaging the skin.However, in this case, you must completely cut the whole piece in the same part of the size of a matchbox.You also need to prepare a mixture of black pepper and salt.Then, using a kitchen knife to crush the few cloves of garlic, which are then cut into small pieces and add to the mix.


There are recipes that explain how to pickle bacon at home, and the resulting mixture was advised to put together pieces in a bottle, which is then filled with water.However, it is best to first carefully rub each cube and then send it into a clean bottle.There also should add a little allspice, and then throw a bay leaf.

Choosing a way to homemade pickle bacon, best to use the method of boiling water.So you can kill germs and give the product an extra softness.Therefore, the bottle should be gradually pour the boiling water and add a few large spoons of salt.In this state, it should be three days in the heat with the lid open.


To properly pickle bacon in Ukrainian, in this stage, apply red pepper.However, not everyone likes the taste, and this leads to the replacement of hot spices on paprika.It needs to be poured into a saucer or small plate.Then each piece of bacon from the bottle should roll in paprika until a red crust.As such, it should be wrapped in parchment paper and place in the refrigerator, where it will be stored before serving.

to the table

file such as fat snacks with black bread.The most popular drink for this dish is considered to be vodka, but true connoisseurs of the product cost and without it.Bon Appetit!