Program to learn English on the computer for beginners

Recently program to learn English on the computer are very popular, and this is perhaps not surprising.The fact is that in today's world, we barely have time to read fiction, but about education and have to say no.

And indeed most of their working day, we usually spend sitting in front of the monitor, and, therefore, in order to save time, not against parallel to learn the basics or improve your existing knowledge by means of a program to learn English on the computer.

This article aims to help students make the right choice.The reader will learn how, in principle, there are programs to learn English on the computer.Rating, in turn, will determine the most successful.Although once I would like to warn that the software is not perfect there.Everyone must choose one or the other technique, depending on their goals, objectives and priorities.

Section 1. "Lingua Leo"

Program to learn English on the computer for beginners, there are a wide variety, but many newcomers this particular release.It has in fact many advantages.

First of all, it should be noted that initially, before the actual process of learning, "Lingua Leo" pass offers a versatile test for English proficiency.These tasks help to make each user a personalized training program with individual expert advice.

addition, "Lingua Leo" allows you to learn English with ease, enjoying the process - looking at various types of educational films, reading interesting books, listening to foreign music, specially selected in different styles.

On the official website there is a huge number of interactive exercises that will help to check the acquired theoretical knowledge and, if necessary, secure them.

«Lingua Leo" as well as many other programs to learn English on the computer, aimed at the words memorized as if by themselves.By the way, prospective students would be curious to know what to acquire knowledge using this method can not only at home but also while on the move, as it is possible to download the application to your smartphone or tablet.

According to many users, "Lingua Leo" - is the best program for learning English.On the computer or any other device can be installed, both paid and free version.

Section 2. WordsTeacher 1.0

Program to learn English on the computer for children and adults are completely different.Each has as its advantages and disadvantages.For example, WordsTeacher is good because it allows you to invisibly to the users much vocabulary.

way to install it is not necessary to seek the help of professionals.- It automatically runs on your computer and at a random time is displayed on the screen.- In the program window displays the word and 3 possible answers, the user needs to choose the right.Only after selecting supernatant window is closed, and then a few minutes later reappears.

Key benefits program WordsTeacher 1.0 consists in the fact that even a lazy lovers can not avoid learning and close the window showing the maximum amount of words - 1 hour.

In addition, the program has a simulator mode, and download new words is from CSV.Note that WordsTeacher shows no language that you have passed a number of times.This parameter is specified in the settings.

also a significant plus is that this program is completely free.

Section 3. BX Language acquisition

BX Language acquisition is great for learning how to write and correct pronunciation of the words of a foreign language.It allows you to remember the words in question-answer mode, or dictation.

The program prompts the user to create their own videoslovar based subtitles to video formats including AVI, as well as text exercises three difficulty levels.

In addition, with the help of BX Language acquisition can be individually assemble new dictionaries with diverse assignments in 46 languages.

working with the English language, you get the full version, but the possibility of the rest are likely to be limited.

Section 4. English Grammar

From a professional point of view of English Grammar program is very thought out. In general, it has 130 lessons.

This appendix examines the entire course of grammar, both from the theoretical and practical sides.The theory is simplified, for each rule are clear and illustrative examples.

complete practical exercises in the fields required to enter answers, and only after that the English Grammar will indicate you have written is correct or not.After several attempts the program will give a clue.

Section 5. FVords 1.11.22

Success program to learn English on the computer include another application.FVords offers its users a list of tips from Longman, quality tests, dictionaries, parallel texts, user-friendly mode of prompter and more.

FV uses as many as five different methods for learning languages ​​- namely, the tournament, the course book, the prompter, and, of course, standard.

differences methods that ordinary course assignments are passed sequentially by the user, but the tournament - quite randomly.

Topics FV diverse level, they can help in learning how to adults and, for example, younger students.The "prompter" is interesting because it is possible to articulate the job: foreign words and phrases give away quality superstructure ReadPlease.

Section 6. The simulator word translation WTT 1.15

simulator word translation WTT is perfect for those who decided to take memorizing spelling words in English.

doubt about its starting level?No problems.This program produces a few minutes testing in both directions, and uses statistics on the success of the translation of words.

WTT supports startup test after a specified time, and auto-completion of the test.The program has the ability to import, export and transfer of drawing up their own vocabulary.

simulator word translation WTT, as the new application, so far only works with several dictionaries: numerals, names of the months, days of the week, a glossary, only 10 thousand words.

Section 7. Teacher - Translator

Teacher - Translator in the short term will help to learn to understand English texts, to communicate well in several foreign languages.

feature application that for the translation of the word and its sound is enough to bring the cursor.

In addition to text translation program provides an opportunity to study the correct pronunciation of translated words.This is possible through the use of «Teacher - Translator» multiple audio quality.

The program has 3 modes and a variety of additional options.You can use the application without registration, but then the dictionary will be limited at only 5000 words.

Section 8 program to learn English on the computer "Rosetta»

This application, the name of which the full version sounds like a «Rosetta Stone», is paid offline program designed to explore the world's most popular foreign languages,including English, from scratch.

First of all, we note that in a so-called Rosetta besperevodnoy natural method of learning, that is. E. Here you will not find any boring textbooks and sophisticated vocabularies of abstruse rules, and literary translation.

Program words are almost immediately in the whole phrase.Their value can be determined from the images corresponding to the word / phrase.

Excellent storage is achieved through multiple repetitions.The program Rosetta all the words and phrases voiced by native speakers speak in entirely different dialects and dialects.

can conclude that this program is not only very exciting, but useful, t. To. Allows to learn English without conscious stress and gory details.