Park "Switzerland", Nizhny Novgorod

Perhaps, every city has its own green landmark - a beautiful park, where residents like to relax in the evenings or on the weekends.Here, walk, relax, play sports, spend time with your family, come here on dates.In general, it is a place where you want to return again and again.Such is the park "Switzerland" (Nizhny Novgorod).Photo of a beautiful green area, a story of its creation and the current state - all this was the theme of this article.

location and size

The park is amazing.He stretched out for three and a half kilometers along the Oka River.Its total area is 380 hectares.In a formal sense the park "Switzerland" - is partially landscaped area, enclosed by a fence.But in everyday life they call the whole forest zone on the right slope of the river.

The main entrance to the park is located at the intersection of Prospect Medical and Gagarin.Also, inputs and outputs are available on each stop of public transport, with the exception of the stop."St.Batumi "(but there is this function successfully executes a gap in the fence).

Forest Park with rides, a petting zoo and a cafe - so you can characterize the whole park "Switzerland".Nizhny Novgorod has more than 15 parks, but the largest and most colorful.How he came and whence comes such an unusual name?

History of

first trees were planted on the site as early as 1903.This was done by the young high school students, their teachers and professors.Near each planted a tree at the time was a plaque with the name, and all the seedlings were about a thousand.Now is not known why, in the beginning of the last century it was decided to give the park an unusual name.Perhaps the role played by the sublime relief coast.

After the revolution, continued creation of the park.Student Young Communists carried out the planned planting trees.In 1958 the name was changed to the appropriate spirit of the times - "Park of Lenin Komsomol."And the name of the original historical object has been returned in 1992.So again it appeared on a map of the park "Switzerland".

Nizhny Novgorod invites you to visit: come and visit the local attractions, including the object before us.Next article will be explained in detail what the trees and rare species grow here, that interesting and informative can be found in the park, and the Nizhniy Novgorod how to entertain themselves by coming here.


oldest representatives of the local flora 150 years.This powerful and beautiful trees.These include birch, aspen, pine, oak, chestnut, larch.As well as such rare beauties as Manchurian walnut, Amur velvet, red oak.In addition, included in the Red Book of species includes the park "Switzerland" (Nizhny Novgorod).Photo below allows you to see them: honesty is long and Orchid Lady's Slipper real.

park especially beautiful in spring, when nature wakes up and updated, as well as in the fall, when the different species of trees become colorful colored leaves.Here is a nice walk, enjoying the solitude and beauty of nature.

historical value

In the park you can find a number of interesting old buildings or ruins.Among these are:

  • Finno-Ugric settlement;
  • tunnels;
  • remains of Kazan branch of the railway.

Therefore park "Switzerland" is often visited by students of history, and lovers of the science of the past.A local diggers (people who like to climb on the old underground) is a legend that the tunnels do not end at the park, and extend along the main streets of the city.

Entertainment and infrastructure

Park "Switzerland" - is not only nature, there exists a place for entertainment facilities, small cafes with varied cuisine and democratic prices.

Little kids parents will certainly lead to the zoo.It is called "Mishutka" and was opened in 1997.In addition to the bears, it contains wolves, lynx, tigers, deer, raccoons, foxes, camels, golden eagles, peacocks and other animals and birds.

Great Amusement Park - one of the main attractions, which offers visitors the park "Switzerland".Photos of the town clearly shows that there is anything to go big and small fans of this holiday.Against the backdrop of green scenery stands out forty-meter Ferris wheel.From its summit offers a breathtaking view of the forest and the river Oka.Even in the autumn and spring in the amusement park can be fun.

Also at the park, you can find a children's playground, ski area on horses, and a small train, and in the winter there is open ice rink with rental skates.

reviews about visiting the park

Novgorod and guests who have visited the park "Switzerland", are satisfied with the beautiful nature and spectacular views of the river, as well as a variety of attractions and plenty of places where you can eat while walking.

as many visitors shortcomings arrangement emit a small parking lot, which is also poorly lit at night.In addition, a lot of people said he wanted to see the park a quiet and clean, and the abundance of cafes and kebab this does not help.Also, quite often there are negative reviews and part of the animals in the zoo.

Currently, only the central part of this object in a dignified manner renovated, and the rest of the territory is hardly well-groomed.Let's hope that the city administration implements projects conceived serious improvement throughout the recreation and entertainment areas.

Our short virtual tour of the park "Switzerland" (Nizhny Novgorod) came to an end.Should I go to this place?If you are - a nature lover, then definitely yes.Such beautiful views can be found not in every city park or forest.And for the sake of enjoying the beauty and can tolerate some discomfort associated with lack of livability object.Though he is not like the real Switzerland, but it is beautiful in its own way and obviously worth it to wander through the paths of his camera.