Volgograd Medical University: departments, faculties, reviews

Volgograd Medical University is the oldest institution of higher education of the city, it was founded in 1935 and was then called Stalingrad Medical Institute.To do VMC quite difficult, however, the efforts of today's students will be justified in the future when he will get a wonderful profession.

history of the university (1935-1941.)

At the time of founding of the university in it there was only one faculty (medical) and eight departments.The first students began to 172 people, which was significant for the then Stalingrad.The city's population of 500,000 people, of whom only 800 had medical education and to provide adequate assistance to compatriots.

Organization of the university was justified, which is why Stalingrad was sent to a number of highly qualified scientists.Gradually, the number of training places and specialties has increased, and it became possible to form a large clinical database.In 1937, the first students of the university began to work at the regional hospital, and three years later the institute was formed as an important clinical base in almost all specialties necessary.

University and the Great Patriotic War

In 1941, the life of the Soviet Union has changed dramatically, but the medical school in Stalingrad began work twice harder than ever.Only in 1941 was the release of more than 650 medical specialists.In parallel with the basic training of teachers involved in the retraining of experienced doctors to work in hospitals.

In 1942, the front line came close to Stalingrad.As a result of the bombing of the city institute was partially destroyed, killing several teachers and students.After the Battle of Stalingrad students and teachers of the university took an active part in his recovery.Institute received tremendous help from their colleagues from other universities, and the People's Commissariat, doctors from all over the Soviet Union came to Stalingrad to rebuild the school.The next edition of experts took place only in 1944.

post-war history of the university

Normal operation of the Institute was restored only after the end of World War II.In 1961 it was renamed Stalingrad, the same fate befell the Medical Institute.Now, the city sounded like Volgograd.Volgograd State Medical University - that was the new name of the institution.Previously, the school has renamed the academy, but the status of the university gave the university a very different position.

In the same year the university received a separate room located on the Square of Fallen Fighters, it has allowed the university promptly fulfill its task.Today this building is the main academic building (there is also the administrative staff of the university).A large number of new faculties began to form separate scientific schools.

As of 2015 the Volgograd Medical University is staffed by experienced teachers, including academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, candidates and doctors of science, professors and associate professors.In 2013, the institution made the list of 100 best universities after the accreditation by the Ministry of Education.

virtual project and its own medical facilities

Quite often parents of prospective students want to read reviews of the universities.Volgograd Medical University is replete with them, and on the website of the institution you can find the necessary information.In 2014, the University launched portal "Virtual VolgGMU", which is a remote area, where you can receive training similar to the real one.

All teachers and students, and practitioners meet in virtual learning portals where work out the skills of various kinds.It was there that they can solve problems, hold conferences and reports, and take exams.Despite the virtual project, students receive high-quality knowledge, and teachers always support their initiatives.

Training of doctors plays a huge role in modern medicine, which is why one of the Volgograd Medical Clinic of the University Clinic of Family Medicine and Dental Hospital are practical grounds for practicing skills.All these institutions have a high-tech start-doctors care for patients under the supervision of more experienced colleagues.

Volgograd Medical University: faculties

As of 2015 the university are ten faculties, where budding doctors can obtain all the necessary skills for further work.Enormous popularity of the medical college at VolgGMU, which acts as a separate department.College students can afford to save money and yet get a quality education.

biomedical, medical and dental faculties are experiencing annual influx of students who have to drop out due to lack of places.Pediatric and pharmaceutical branch, as well as clinical psychology faculty each year gaining his listeners.

industrial practice in a separate unit, is also worth noting the Faculty of Advanced Medical (HFC).Volgograd Medical University offers to all current professionals to improve their knowledge in the shortest possible time and without departing from the direct work.

Perfection is no limit

vast majority of practitioners have graduated from the city further HFC.Volgograd Medical University comes to meet potential students and builds a training schedule based on their wishes.Within the faculty there are 14 courses and 10 departments.

Department offers medical specialists retraining in 37 specialties.Pharmacists can also undergo additional training, but for this they need to go to Pyatigorsk, because it made it there.All those who successfully completes the Faculty receive state diplomas.

Departments University

Department of the Volgograd Medical University were formed over several decades, as of 2015 of 76. It is not just about internal training entities associated with the specialization of students in high school and general professional functioning of the department (Physical Education and Health,Russian language and socio-cultural adaptation, and so on. d.).

Each department has been actively involved in the educational process, the curriculum for the students is based on the characteristics of each of them.Weekly meetings are held departments to help students master the existing program.Students with difficult employees are constantly methodical work to achieve improvements.

branch of Pyatigorsk

all those who wish to obtain a pharmaceutical education, the selection committee usually offers to go to Pyatigorsk branch of the Volgograd Medical University, because this is where trains specialists in this area.The institution itself is also called Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute.

Institute was formed in 1943 and until 2012 was a private institution, but after reorganization became part VolgGMU.Every year in the Pyatigorsk branch on internal branch on a budgetary basis trained more than 1,300 students, about 750 pay for their education.Through the exchange program at the institute study of 60-65 year students from other countries.

the correspondence department of the situation is different, on a budgetary basis has about 750 students, more than 1,500 independently reimburse training costs.In parallel with this constantly implemented additional programs to improve the skills of existing professionals.

What to do?

Volgograd Medical University every year opens its doors to new students.Applicant has the right to submit their documents to the July 5-10, when he was going to take entrance exams in high school, or goes to a specialty related to pediatrics, dentistry and medical business.

If a prospective student is not planning to take the internal examination, as it has all the necessary certifications exam, he may submit the documents till July 20-24.You will need to present a photocopy of the passport, certificate of secondary education, medical information form 086, as well as photos of 3x4 cm for personal business.

If the applicant has any special rights that can positively affect the flow of (disabilities, additional certificates and diplomas, and so on. D.), You must also submit documents proving it.Only in this case, you can expect to benefit.


In VolgGMU come to study and non-resident students.Especially for them, there are several hostels, designed for a total of 1380 people.People from other cities can take more than 120 seats, in exceptional cases, it may be given seats in the hotels at the school.

details of the settlement of the hostel is best to clarify in the university admissions office by phone +7 (8442) 53-23-33.You can visit the institution in person, its main building is located at the area of ​​the Fallen Fighters, d. 1. The office 3-34 from 9 to 15 hours results of the selection committee.


Not all students manage to enroll in the budget form of training, it happens because the place was not enough.Volgograd Medical University offers to those who did not have enough points to pass on a budget, training on a commercial basis with full reimbursement of its cost.

Then everything will depend on what the department was selected student.The cheapest obtain biological and biotechnological specialty, the cost of full-time education is 38.5 thousand rubles a year.The most expensive professions which year remains dentistry, pharmacy and pediatrics.

future dentists will have to pay 109,700 rubles per year of study, pediatricians and pharmacists - by 102.5 thousand rubles.In the correspondence department paid only 10 seats, they are allocated to the "Management" for the training of students in this case will have to pay 50 thousand rubles a year.

scientific work

If a student is looking for the most current material on a particular profession, he must look in the "Bulletin of Volgograd State Medical University."The university has its own media, which periodically publishes articles on current topics in the field of medicine, and it's not just about the theoretical positions, but also practical skills.

been a major issue of the journal editorial board, which is composed of doctors and candidates of sciences.Parallel to this, pundits VolgGMU are constantly working with students, talking about writing articles, participating in various scientific conferences, exchange of experiences with other universities of the country.


VolgGMU Students and graduates successfully work for the benefit of domestic medicine, many of them receive invitations to work abroad.All those who have studied at the university, speak of him quite positive, according to them, inside the educational institution has its own special culture, which can be found on its graduates.A special praise, they said, deserve teachers who are real professionals, always extremely considerate and willing to help students.

Despite the rapid process of reduction of budget places, the students and teachers of the University believe that this will help weed out the stream of those who want to graduate from school just to get a higher education.About VolgGMU quite warmly and in hospitals where its graduates work after graduation, the university considered this source of manpower, educating medical professionals.

How to get there?

Volgograd Medical University, whose address is: Square of the Fallen Fighters, d. 1, is located a few meters from the train station to get to where there is no difficulty.You can use the light rail line and get to the station "Komsomolskaya", and from there walk a few meters walk to the main building of the university.