We determine the question: is it possible to have in the post seafood?

With the onset of Lent, many of us wonder is a legitimate question.For example, this: "Can we eat seafood in the post?" There are rather contradictory opinions.

But before we discuss this issue, try to understand: what is the post.

What is fasting?

How wrong those who believe that fasting - fasting is, equates it to the diet.In fact, this period in the life of the believer is entirely different, spiritual goals.The meaning of fasting is repentance, in the maintenance of physical and spiritual purity.But here everything is ambiguous.Everyone should be determined by the food these days individually.For someone to give up meat - it is a feat, but someone could easily eat for a long time among cereals.Therefore it is necessary to plan their own menus in accordance with their own.The goal post is not in the definition of what can be eaten and what can not.Its purpose - to abstinence and penance.If you can give up the seafood, do not eat them.

Seafood: What is it?

Can I eat seafood in the post?Difficult question.We first define this term.Generic name includes several varieties.This and crabs, and squid, and mussels, and shrimp.Science says that they are beskhordovym, ie bloodless creatures.It turns out they can be eaten during Lent.But the Church has a different opinion.She recalled that the main criterion for lean food - are the products of plant origin, while seafood belong to the animal kingdom.How, in fact, the fish, which is considered polupostnoy food.

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eat seafood there in the post?

On this question no one can give a definite answer.But try to understand it more fully.Crabs, squid, shrimp for centuries in our country is concerned, rather, to delicacies than to ordinary food.That is why seafood fasting is undesirable.The goal of such periods - cleansing.Fasting teaches us the ability to control their desires, humility and moderation.As advised priests themselves, in these days to eat the food you are used to in everyday life.Of course, with certain restrictions.If you think seafood delicacy, it is better to give them up.

However, not all so simple.Even during Lent, there are days when you can fish in the post.Many refer to it, and seafood.For example, the day of the Annunciation and Palm Sunday no ban to try your favorite fish delicacy.And Lazarus Saturday allowed to eat caviar.But there are limitations.Caviar should be only red.Since ancient times in Russia it was considered a normal diet, not a delicacy, which is why its use is not prohibited monastic charters.But you can not have caviar.

just abandon the fish or seafood is highly undesirable.Because they contain high-quality protein, omega-3.It is through these elements reduce the level of bad cholesterol and normal heart function.

What can I eat in the post?

Lenten menu can be very tasty and varied: lasagna, pizza, dumplings, spaghetti.Can I eat seafood in the post?Depends on what.For example, you no one can prohibit or seaweed salad seaweed.Such seafood you can post.However, with a salad to be careful.Buying it at the store, pay attention to the label.It is recommended to buy only one product, which contains a minimal amount of preservatives.It is desirable to be not more than one.Currently, the Ministry of Health permitted food additive E-211.Seeing that it is included in your chosen salad, you can safely pay for your purchase.Buying kelp, should give priority to the product in the blister pack.It is easier to assess the appearance and quality of the goods.If cabbage looks like a mess, from the purchase of the best abandoned.Certainly the product is spoiled.


But we should not forget that a strict fast in the first place is for the monastic life.It is prescribed by the charter of the monastery.For ordinary people, there is relief.A measure of the severity of the post is determined either by the confessor, either by fasting.

Therefore, in order not to feel guilty, it is better to go to the priest and asked, "Can I eat seafood in the post?" If he gives a blessing, then bravely take to eat seafood.

addition, deciding to fast, be aware of some rules.Pregnant women need to be very careful, because they have to think not only about themselves but also about the future of the child.Sick people is best to consult with your doctor.Relief is given to young children as well as those who are on the road.There is another clarification.It is not recommended to give up eating fish and seafood, and hence, to students and to those people who are engaged in intellectual work.