Male manicure - unjustified luxury or perceived need?

Great Coco Chanel said that the hands - a card of any woman.Since it is impossible to argue, and all of the fair sex took this simple rule of absolute truth.It is much more difficult situation is with men who used to feel militant males workaholic and getters.They have no time to monitor their own beauty and personal care issues on the part of many men have been neglected.But we live in the 21st century, and modern society dictates new rules.Today, well-groomed hands became an attribute of successful men.

Where did this fine line?

Why do most of the stronger sex still categorically do not accept any kind of caring procedures?Everything is very simple.Stereotypical thinking - a very powerful weapon.In many minds firmly entrenched stereotype that manicures, facials and other "women's stuff" - it is something shameful and totally unacceptable for a real man.Vividly in this regard is evident difference between males in Europe and the CIS countries.European men have long recognized the need for high-quality personal care in all respects, because it is not only an element of beauty and dignified appearance, but also an important aspect of health.

How to deal with these unnecessary stereotypes and vestiges of the past education?We must start with ourselves - is the surest way.No matter which version of the care of a man chooses his own hands, whether it will help the nail salon or a favorite companion.It is important to realize that hygienic manicure - this is absolutely normal, necessary for a healthy, beautiful and successful in all respects a man.

Correct execution of the male manicure

Male manicure - it's simple and affordable procedure that requires just 30-40 minutes of time, so care of male hands can easily be performed at home.For the male manicure you will need the following materials and tools:

  • nail file.
  • polishing buff.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Nakozhnitsy cuticle.
  • orange stick.
  • hand bath.
  • Nourishing Hand Cream.
  • special agent for softening cuticles.

agree that the submitted list of tools there is nothing remote and exquisite.All these means available, for sure, there will have the woman he loved.If this is not your case, for you can not buy a men's manicure set, which will include all the necessary tools.Cream and means to soften the cuticle will not be too redundant for you, so they also recommend purchase.What action includes men's manicure?Consider a brief step by step instructions that will allow you to form a general idea about the caring procedures.

  1. work on the shape and length of the nails.The first step, which begins any manicure, is the adjustment of length of nails and give them shape.In the men's manicure it is very simple: the natural shape of the nail plate and the length of the free edge of 1-2 mm.
  2. Relaxing bath for nails.Water temperature 37-40 degrees, the hands should be kept in the bath for 3-5 minutes.
  3. cuticle.Apply a special tool to soften the cuticles and after a few minutes, remove it with the orange stick.As a rule, men do not like manicure, so in general, you should adhere to European standards of care for your hands.
  4. Moisturize hands and relaxing massage.Apply a special cream on your hands and then rub it neat movements in the skin.
  5. polishing the nail plate.Ends male manicure nail grinding to make them easy and natural beauty shine.

These simple steps can help lead man hands in perfect order.But do not forget that in matters of self-care is important to regularly.One trip to the nail salon - is not the solution, we need systematic.Appreciate yourself, take care of yourself and be successful in everything!