Age crises in women

age crisis - it is a complex emotional and psychological period.Man begins to rethink a life comes the realization that not all dreams come true, that the plan of life, drawn once upon a time, at variance with reality.There is a negative revaluation of life's journey, there is a need to change everything or just drop everything and escape to another planet.We often hear about the mid-life crisis in men, it's about making films and writing books.Is there a crisis of the age of the woman?

there!But if men proceeds usually rapidly, and show, that women experience more quietly, internally, going into deep depression.Men see the solution in the destruction, be it family, career, life foundations, women, on the contrary, accept their shares and drifting dissatisfaction with life, are increasingly plunging into despair.

Let us examine the main age crises of the beautiful half of humanity.

18-20 years.Puppet no longer

This transition from a carefree schoolgirl that made lessons and chatted with her friends about the upcoming incredible destiny, to adulthood, where you have to make decisions, look for work, to build a family, to take responsibility.During this period begin to crumble illusions about the ideal life is to become a director must begin with the junior employee relations are also not like a fairy tale, and the problems of misunderstanding.

lack of relations also imposes a negative impact, at this age it is important to be "like everyone else" is important to be life in the right scenario.But the crisis is not the first such a complex, because there is a feeling that the difficulties will be quickly, with many hopes and ambitions.It seems that just about the corner and you will meet the most amazing luck.

Out: need to recognize their individuality and personality of his career.It is a time of trial, error and action.It is necessary to discard the fear of failure, of course, it is impossible to think that in 20 years you can write a draft, but cross out and correct something - this is a distinct advantage of this period.Search yourself, your values ​​and set priorities under the motto: "Better to do and regret than to regret that not even tried."

If you are a little over 30, there is hope? ..

this line most of the women begins to fear beforehand.Young and mischievous girl begins to see the first telltale wrinkles and cellulite, there is uncertainty and concern that the best years behind him, and ahead of only old age and finally collapsed hope.Summing up and looking back at all the past, there are thoughts "could not not reached, did not have time, do not need, do not like, is not successful."

crisis 30 years affects the vast majority of women.In addition to its scourging, adds fuel to the fire of public opinion reproaches of parents and friends.After all, you have to be married, to have children, a successful career, financial well-being, and waking up in the morning, comes the realization that love and passion for her husband faded, it is necessary to go to the unloved job, dreams of travel and remained dreams, friends, is becoming less and so on.d.There comes the apathy and indifference.Many women begin to "run" their appearance, thus further exacerbating this difficult period."Why wear heels and do the stacking when still almost sunset" - many people think.

Out: in this period women need to change, posing new challenges, finding new targets, but this does not mean that all past life it is necessary to strike out and start from scratch.Enter your present life, which is here and now, the elements of novelty.Like a child to be a ballerina?Then sign up immediately to the school dance, or, for example, go to yoga, attend concerts, theater, get the right to drive the car or motorcycle, jump with a parachute.The whole world is now open all the possibilities in front of you!

crisis 30 years, this is a great chance to add to his life significant changes.The husband, noticing these transformations in mood and vitality again kindled feelings.If there is no relationship, then getting hobbies, you are sure to expand your circle of contacts and meet new people.Perhaps that positive emotions can help you decide on a change of job, place of residence, make up for the lack of vital energy, which prevents moving to new heights.

40 years.It is no longer stalls

crisis of 40 years is not as emotional as in 30. This is a period of quiet melancholy and serious depression, when it seems that all the brightest moments already precisely in the past and is no longer something to strive for and stupid wanting more.In turn no one says "girl", the word "woman" was fixed definitively, age-related changes in appearance are added oppression consciousness.

Often this crisis alone thrown under the knife of plastic surgeons in the pursuit of beauty and youth, the other, waving the hand, cease permanently monitor the appearance, dressing twice a year for my birthday and the eighth of March.

crisis woman in 40 years coincides with the mid-life crisis in men, which further brings a lot of problems.Instead of support from the nearest person, she receives permanent discontent, strife, betrayal and even separation.It starts feeling the transition into old age, there is insularity and remoteness from the saturation of the world, the woman herself puts barriers to the adoption of new and thus will drive themselves in an even greater depression.

Out: most important thing is not to withdraw into himself, not to move away from their family and friends, not to reduce physical activity.Ride your bike, sing, dance, sew, fulfill my little dream, to see whether or Paris to meet with the star.

Distinguished emotional meltdown is a change habitual way of, for example, make the repair, making new bright colors in house.Think of a holiday, say, every first Saturday of the month start balloons desires, and let it looks childish and even silly, but believe me, it is of immediate emotions and you do not have enough.

supporting each other with her husband, making unusual things, you can bring a new stage in the relationship, and once again go through the honeymoon.Accept and love yourself the way you are now, beauty with glossy covers Lovely young and beautiful you are my fullness and charm.

55 years.The play is over.Curtain

This is a difficult period of hormonal changes a woman's body, many women mistakenly believe that with the onset of menopause are no longer fulfilling.Reduced estrogen production often leads to weight gain and constant changes of mood, physiological factors added psycho-emotional.Yesterday a young woman, catching the eyes of men, but today - no one wants a pensioner.There is a feeling "Living out" surrounded by seedlings watching soap operas.

It's so we imagine life "grandmother"?Children grew up, my husband turned into a "comrade" of the desire to stay, so the pressure is not skipped a word, feeling the beginning of the end.During the crisis, 55 years longer than in other periods overcome the thought of life spent in vain, even in moments of light are seen dark spots.

Out : to turn around his life.How many of you have done as many were able to!And then came the time when you can devote time to themselves, their joys, the pension is not old, it is the opportunity to stay at a furious pace and start to enjoy all that is happening around.

Feel free to build and enjoy your personal life on a deeper and more interesting level.Make it a rule to be in new places at least once a year.More walking and sports, physical activity - the key to longevity and good health.Remember, it's not the age, it's in relation to life.The figure in the passport does not mean anything, keep youth and joy in my heart!

psychologist, relationship expert Elena Tsedova

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