How to get rid of insomnia during pregnancy

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Pregnancy often brings with it a temporary discomfort such as the failure of sleep, nausea, heartburn, leg cramps.These are sometimes unavoidable problems can be exacerbated by bad habit to fall asleep and do not get enough sleep, especially if you have seen it before pregnancy.There are a number of recommendations that will help you greatly improve your sleep during pregnancy.

completely eliminate smoking and alcohol.Nicotine and alcohol not only can greatly harm your baby, but these factors can also hamper your very good night's sleep.

Reduce the amount of caffeine.Try to reduce the use of products such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate, especially in the afternoon and at night.

Drink less fluid in the evening and just before bedtime.During pregnancy should consume plenty of fluids, so try to drink more in the morning and reduce the number of drinks in the afternoon and evening.This will help you not often need to climb during the night and therefore sleep will be deeper and less interrupted.

Avoid heavy and spicy food before bedtime.Spicy foods containing spicy seasonings or acidic foods such as tomatoes in any form can cause heartburn and indigestion.Try not to load much before bedtime.A large amount of food to be digested in the stomach for a long time and will not interfere with your proper rest during sleep.Make sure that the last meal was two to three hours before bedtime.

a snack something light before going to bed to prevent nausea.If you are concerned about nausea (especially during the first trimester), eat some fresh food, such as biscuits, before going to bed.

Daytime sleep.For pregnant very well take a nap during the day of 30 minutes 60. This will improve your health and reduce symptoms of fatigue.However, excessive drowsiness at the end of the day or long naps can cause disturbances good night's sleep.

Avoid large exercise in the late afternoon.Although exercise, easy charging and very good for your mental and physical health during pregnancy, try to complete the load during the day so that your body enough time to recover after a workout.Complete engaged for three or four hours before bedtime.

Use relaxation techniques.Learn about ways to facilitate falling asleep, such as image guided, deep breathing or progressive relaxation of muscles.

Leave your problems behind the bedroom door.If you bedtime keep a mental list of cases, issues or things that you need to do tomorrow, it does not help you to fall asleep and sleep fully.Try to think through all the accumulated problems at least an hour before bedtime, make a to-do list for tomorrow, better written, and remove these records away until tomorrow.And go to bed - now you fall asleep peacefully, as planned out and thought out for tomorrow backlog of cases.

Make and strictly adhere to the schedule of sleep and waking.To adjust your sleep you should go to bed and get up at the same time each day.Develop a program of soothing bedtime.For example, for 20-30 minutes before you go to bed read some intelligent and uninteresting book.Good fit and summaries of your college lectures, and more boring than has been the subject, the better.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary sleep.Ventilate the room at bedtime, it should be cool.Block unwanted light and noise, which can wake you up.

Use your bed only for sleep and sex.If you have the habit of watching television in bed, take food out there - stop doing it.Leave your bed only for such enjoyable activities like sleep, sex, and can be a little reading.

Sleep on your left side.This position helps blood and nutrients to cling to your baby and uterus and helps your kidneys eliminate waste and fluids.

If you just can not sleep

Get up out of bed.If you're still awake after 20 - 30 minutes you go to sleep, get up and go into another room, listen to relaxing music or read a magazine.When you feel sleepy, go back to bed.

Do not worry.If you wake up at night - do not worry!Interrupted sleep during pregnancy is quite natural.Although full sleep all night it may be impossible for you right now, eventually you will develop your individual sleep program that will help you relax and sleep.

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