Who was the friend Chipollino?

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Back in 1951 came to light fairy tale for children "The Adventures of Cipollino", where the main characters - are familiar to us all fruits and vegetables - are living in a society with a strong feudal system.As required by the laws of the genre, in the novel noble and rich oppress the poor and good.And, according to the same laws, eventually dispossessed positive characters seek justice.Of course, with the direct involvement of the protagonist.

Several generations of readers were familiar with a bold and cheerful boy-onion dome.They knew the names of all the members of his family, and they knew how to name Chipollino girlfriend.The slightest turn of the plot was known to every schoolchild.What is the secret of such popularity?Why in today's society, this story almost forgotten?And why, wanting to put performance, today changed the plot of this tale?

lead author

«The Adventures of Cipollino" created Italian writer Gianni Rodari.For a long time he worked as a journalist for the communist newspaper.The ideas of the political party clearly spelled out in his fairy tales for children.

That is why the vast Soviet Union his work about a boy who opposed worst oppressors of the people, found a very warm response.Books published huge numbers in 1961 based on a story filmed cartoon, in 1964 they released a filmstrip (sequence of color pictures with captions that are projected on the wall), and in 1973 removed the feature film, in which the role of the storyteller can see the author himself -Gianni Rodari."The Adventures of Cipollino" thus firmly established in the minds of both children and adults.


As already mentioned, the role of fairy tale characters are the fruits and vegetables.Sharing their characters, Rodari tried very clearly draw the class differences.Thus, as a simple villagers perform conventional vegetable crops.The family of the main positive hero - the bulb.And if you remember, as they called her friend Chipollino (Radish) well will be visible parallel pursued by the author: the closer to the ground, the less notable character.

In the role of the rich are the fruits that grow high up in the branches.Lemon is a prince, orange - Baron, mandarin - Duke and cherries - graphs.But there are exceptions.For example, the chief of the army - the mouse, and one of his friends Chipollino - mole.Not the last role was played by two spider - lame and the Seven-a-half (which is so named because of the fact that half of the foot when he lost an unequal collision with a huge brush).

plot plot

story begins with the visit of Prince Lemon in the village where the boy lives Chipollino.During the solemn procession of the ludicrous charge of his father's arrest Cipollone.The boy decides to whatever was to release the pope and sent him to prison.

with a hard heart goes Chipollino.His commitment to justice is only getting stronger.Shortly after the conversation with his father Chipollino acquainted with not very young godfather Pumpkins, who tells him how all his life worked hard to fulfill his dream - to build a tiny house.Bricks are not enough, but work godfather Pumpkin could not, but because his home was more like a box.But it is still an old man happy.

only godfather Pumpkin managed to tell the story of her grateful listeners hard life, how did the unhappy Signor Tomato.Directly in front of the boy's cruel managing ruthlessly robbed of his meager old property.

That's when the young hero enters into an open confrontation with the ruling class.He explicitly states that Signor Tomato - just a crook.A lot at that time, he certainly has not achieved, but the event was a landmark for the whole story.


After some time again Chipollino forehead faced with the bourgeoisie.On charges of mutiny soldiers arresting virtually all the residents of his village.But our guy deftly moves away from the chase, and - as the name And remember.Girlfriend Chipollino radish also failed to arrest, and now the children are satisfied with the adventures of two.

They get acquainted with the young Cherry, who, though living in a count's estate, is also suffering from attacks forever dissatisfied aunts.Children quickly became friends and even a girlfriend Chipollino first real laugh modest and restrained the young Count.

Thanks to the courage and wit, Chipollino manage some time fooling and soldiers, and pompous Signor tomatoes.But in the end, he grabbed and thrown into prison.

However, even in prison Chipollino becoming more and more new friends.They manage to arrange an escape.And soon it was quite a small company is not satisfied with the very real revolution, as a result of which everyone gets their just deserts.

modern interpretation

interesting that in today's society is this development instills some fear for the immature child's mind.For example, in the theatrical production of the fairy tale, which is in Moscow, the revolution of ending deleted.

In an interview with the director Catherine Queen explained that it is not necessary naveivaet children such thoughts.Retaining the play sharply raised social issues, they removed any hints of violence.Heroes tale "Cipollino" a united and come to welcome the Prince of lemon.After hearing a petition

his loyal subjects, the prince personally cancel all of its unjust decrees and continues to rule the country peacefully.Therefore, in social terms, all are in their places.

Some interesting facts related

  • With its fearless and cheerful character, Chipollino in 1956 entered the "Club of funny little men."This group of fairy-tale characters, who regularly appeared in comic books and short stories of popular Soviet magazine "Fun".His comrades in the new adventures of steel Samodelkin, Pinocchio, Parsley, Hurvínek, Dunno and Thumbelina.He headed the whole honest company and good fun Pencil.
  • Today the question "Who was the friend Chipollino" found in popular children's routine tasks online game "Avatar."The correct answer is - Radish.
  • Based on the story "The Adventures of Cipollino" the ballet for children in three acts.