The child does not crawl in 9 months

Many moms, especially if they have little baby first, worry about the "non-standard" development of your baby.To motherhood, they are very responsible, read special literature, consult with your doctor.And so nice when my son or daughter "on schedule" and developed as it is written in the children's encyclopedia.

And if something is wrong?"How so?" - They exclaim - "My child is 9 months does not crawl at all, and the book claim that at this time the children are obliged to crawl!" None of our children do not owe each baby develops according to its genetics, andencyclopedias summarize all the information, as they say, "averaged".If your baby does not get in the average number of children, do not worry, it means you have a special kid, and maybe even unique, and it is absolutely healthy.

Now a little more about what the child is not crawling into their 9 months.Ask your pediatrician, and he will tell you that some children never crawl, they just missed the "step of development" without compromising health.And went immediately to the next stage, that is risen on feet and then went.You will be surprised to learn that some of your friends, as kids, so do not crawl, and immediately began to walk, a lot of these children.And, as you can see, these children grew up, became adults, it is now is not anything different from those when the crawl.

However, like all doctors 'standard' children, it is easier to predict their behavior and development of such babies presented with fewer "surprises", and therefore easier to work with them.Therefore, young mothers may even scare that "very bad" when the child is 9 months is not crawling.Of course, there are diseases, because of which the children are lagging behind in development, polio, for example, or cerebral palsy.But if your child is absolutely healthy, nothing to worry about.Is that some children, like adults love to be lazy, and therefore do not want to crawl.

In this case, in order to develop muscles, often make sloth massage, gymnastics and force provokes active steps (like a toy - crawl here, you want to eat - a bottle nearby, crawled to it).Keep in mind that not everything happens at once, you will be required patience, as well as love and care.And from the crumbs - perseverance and labor, which, as you know, a little effort, and your fears will be over.

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