Airport Vitebsk is always open for cooperation and pleased to its clients

Starting a conversation about the airport Vitebsk in the modern sense, it is necessary to mention its history and origins of existence.


Airport Vitebsk Airport was originally located in the southern suburbs.It was built for the use of military air forces.The first historic landing of the airplane occurred in the distant 1914, in May.And now, more than a hundred years in Vitebsk operates the airport.

During WWII Vitebsk airport was strategically important object.There was deployed fighter regiment of Soviet aviation.After the war, in time of peace, the airport in Vitebsk has become one of the first Soviet airfields with artificial turf.

main direction of operation of the complex post-war steel sanitary tasks and postal flights.Already in late 1945 it opened a regular line of air: flight "Minsk-Vitebsk".And in mid-1946, a new unit.Airport Vitebsk began to carry out agricultural flights.

Since 1948, began to be carried by scheduled flights.First it was the "Minsk-Vitebsk-Minsk", then after a few years, a trend towards Moscow.Airport Vitebsk can be proud of its history and the people who worked there.The company at various times worked Heroes of the Soviet Union:

  • Demidov VA
  • Lyadsky TS

Many employees for their dedicated work have been awarded government awards.The Soviet people were working at full capacity to restore their country.

Vitebsk "East": the beginning

In 1977 began the commissioning of the "Airport Vitebsk East."A year later he was made the first technical flight on the An-24.A couple of years Vitebsk airport turned into a major airport with a large number of flight equipment:

  • Mi-2 - 35 units.
  • AN-2 - 32 units.

In the first period of its existence Airport Vitebsk flights only facilitates strategic for various works:

  • Processing sanugody and fields.
  • protection of forests.
  • maintenance of pipelines.
  • Conduct sanitary works.
  • Mail delivery.

In 1982 he created the first Vitebsk combined aviation detachment, a base of mechanization and put into operation a hangar for aircraft maintenance.After the introduction of the radar and the beacon from the airport Vitebsk "East" began regular passenger flights.The annual number of passengers per year was about 40 thousand people.

with objects Vitebsk Airport flights are carried out in different directions: more often to Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Minsk, Leningrad, Sochi, Kaliningrad, Sverdlovsk.

In 1993 he was made the first reconstruction of the airport, including the replacement of the light system and the installation of a second-Embarkation runway to receive and take-off of aircraft TU-154 and IL-76.

Since mid-1996, the airport received international status of Vitebsk and began with the end of 1998 to carry out charter flights to other countries: the Czech Republic, India, Finland, Turkey, Poland.For this was the newest navigation equipment.

At the present stage

Since 2000, the airport Vitebsk became part of the large state-owned concern "Belaeronavigatsia."This reorganization took place by the merger.

To date, the airport Vitebsk - a structural unit of the enterprise, doing important work on service of passengers, cargo and strategic objects.One of the important and permanent tasks performed Vitebsk airport is to serve guests of the international festival "Slavic Bazaar".Additionally, the company provides non-core services: storage and transportation of petroleum products, customs storage of goods, rental of vehicles, providing a venue for sports and entertainment events organized.

Vitebsk airport capacity - up to 150 people in one hour.On the territory of the terminal has everything you need for a comfortable waiting flight and receive arriving passengers.There is a VIP-hall, which created the most comfortable conditions of stay at the airport.Subject to the use of business aviation all the steps to check-in luggage and airline tickets, as well as the passage of border and customs control takes place separately from the total weight of the passengers.In the hall there is a meeting room, Internet, fax, phone, conference room, dayroom.

For the convenience of passengers with small children and there is free room mother and child.For people with disabilities there are special plumbing components and a comfortable waiting space.


International Airport Vitebsk "East" is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with various airlines and the airlines of the world.Its convenient location - 15 kilometers from the city - makes this partnership venture with the world airline alliance profitable and promising.In the future, it plans to expand the territory and commissioning of additional terminals.Now the airport Vitebsk can simultaneously receive and launch into the air 6 aircraft.