City of Military Glory - many of them in Russia?

heroism of the people who lived through World War II and was able to defend their homeland, there is no limit.People fought for their country, killed for it.And this has led to a natural result.In this review we will focus on that in the defense of what cities people made an invaluable contribution to the victory.

What lies beneath this rather honorary title?

Cities of Military Glory of Russia.This badge of honor began to assign only recently.He got some of the city for that resistance, courage and bravery which were manifested their defenders in the struggle for freedom and independence.

Regulations, which formed the conditions and the procedure for assigning enough honorary title, was approved in December 2006 by the President.


The city, which was obtained the title of "City of Military Glory┬╗:

1. installs the stelae, depicting the coat of arms of the respective seats together with the text of the decree on conferring the title.

2. Pass a variety of events and festive volleys on such days, February 23, May 9 and the City Day.

all these requirements should be carried out without fail by the city, which was obtained as the honorary title of a memorable.

bit of history

the first time the title "City of Military Glory" were awarded the Kursk, Orel, Belgorod.Diplomas were awarded directly to the heads of administrations.It happened in 2007, namely, May 7th.

After some time, namely November 7 President was read a new order in which it was said to award the title "City of Military Glory" a few more seats.At Catherine Hall were awarded the necessary letters to the mayors.We are talking about cities such as Vladikavkaz, Yelnya, dace, Malgobek and Rzhev.

Two years later, in early September, there was the opening of the first memorial stele.She received an appropriate name - "City of Military Glory."The opening took place in the town of Dmitrov in the Moscow region.

In 2010, March 25 signed a decree on conferring the honorary title such cities as Volokolamsk, Nalchik, Bryansk, Rostov-on-Don, Vyborg.Some time later, namely on November 4, this title was obtained Vladivostok, Tikhvin, and Tver.

A year later, on May 5, has received the honorary title of cities such as Stary Oskol, Kolpino, Anapa.Presentation of diplomas to heads of administrations was only 22 June this year.After a few months, namely on 3 November was awarded the honorary title of cities such as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Taganrog, Lomonosov, Kovrov.All the necessary documentation has been handed over to the mayors of 23 February 2012.

May 7, 2012 list of "City of Military Glory" and added Mozhaisk Maloyaroslavets.The corresponding decree was signed by President.November 3 this year, the title was obtained and Khabarovsk.After this is no city received such high recognition.The list has not been updated since 2012.

Which city received the honorary title?

How many cities of military glory, there are at the moment?They are not so much.Only 40 towns have been awarded this prestigious award.And should list them to let people know what a feat they have committed during the war.

The full list is as follows:

1. Belgorod.The opening of the stele was in July of 2013.

2. Kursk.Monument to the great feat was opened at the end of April 2010.

3. Eagle.The stele was erected in May 2010.

4. Vladikavkaz.Stella was opened in late October 2009.

5. Malgobek.Memorial building opened in May 2010.

6. Rzhev.The opening of the stele was in May 2010

7. Elnya.Opening of the monument took place August 30, 2010.

8. Elec.Stella was opened in May 2010.

9. Voronezh.Memorial building was built before May 2010.

10. Meadows.Opening of the monument to the valor and heroism of the soldiers took place in May 2010.

11. Polar.The stele was discovered in 2010, in October.

12. Rostov-on-Don.The monument was erected in May 2010.

13. Tuapse.Opening of the monument took place in May 2012.

14. Great Luke.Commemorative stela opened in July 2010.

15. Veliky Novgorod.Opening of the monument took place in May 2010.

16. Dmitrov.The stele was erected in September 2009.

17. Vyazma.The opening of the stele was in 2011.

18. Kronstadt.Stella has not yet been erected.

19. Naro-Fominsk.Stella opened in May 2010.

20. Pskov.Opening of the monument took place in July 2010.

21. Kozelsk.The monument was unveiled in July 2010.

22. Arkhangelsk.The opening of the stele was held in late August 2011.

23. Volokolamsk.The stele was discovered in 2013.

24. Bryansk.The opening of the memorial symbol was held in late June 2010.

25. Nalchik.Stella has not yet opened.

26. Vyborg.Opening of the monument took place in 2011.

27. Kalach-on-Don.Memorable characters are not yet available.

28. Vladivostok.In early September, 2012 was the opening of the stele.

29. Tikhvin.The opening of the stele was in December 2011.

30. Tver.Stella came from December 2011

31. In Anapa monument was opened in May 2013.

32. Kolpino.Commemorative design has not yet been built.

33. Stary Oskol.Commemorative design was opened in September 2011.

34. carpets.Opening date of the stele after receiving the title of City of Military Glory - 2014.

35. Lomonosov.Discovery commemorative design has not yet happened.

36. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.At the moment is the construction of the stele.

37. Taganrog.Create a memorial stele has not yet been completed.

38. Maloyaroslavets.Opening of the monument took place in 2013.

39. Mozhaisk.Commemorative design to date has not yet been built.

40. Khabarovsk.Stella should be erected before the end of 2014.

may still list will be updated

The list of cities that have received the title until the end.Perhaps in the near future, it will be updated with new names, as we can not say that during the war were the city, whose residents have not shown the courage to try to stop the imminent danger to their homeland.

symbol of the city of military glory

Stella was approved by the Organizing Committee under the name "Victory".This happened after summing up the results of the national competition.Under the commemorative stele refers to the column, which is crowned with the coat of arms of the Russian Federation.It is installed on the corresponding pedestal, on the front side of which is the text of the decree on the appointment of an honorary title.

the corners of the square has a special bas-reliefs, which depict certain events that caused for the title.

opening of the complex in 2010 was the discovery of the architectural ensemble called "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier."This happened after the necessary restoration work.The complex is located in the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin.The composition has a stele inscribed with the names of all cities with the honorary title.

heroic city can now enter the collection

More recently began to produce coins with the emblem of the city, whose residents were particularly heroism and steadfastness in the fight against the enemy.Face value - 10 rubles.City of Military Glory are now able to enter into one big collection.To do this, just need to collect all the coins.And, most likely wanting to gather such a collection would be enough.

Conclusion In this review were given those cities that were awarded the highest title - "City of Military Glory."Their inhabitants were killed trying to stop the invasion of enemy forces.They stop the enemy's advance for precious hours, days, weeks and months.They did everything to bring victory.And they succeeded.