How nice to say about myself with humor

Introduction - important stage of relations between people.It is often said that even at the first meeting, you can make a lot of conclusions about what a given person.In this article, we consider several options for how you can tell us about yourself with humor.


Every normal acquaintance begins with submission.However, just say, "Hi, I'm Anna (Petya, Sasha)" - it is not particularly interesting and original.So, you can try to present themselves more elaborately.The first option - verse form.Then you need to find a rhyme to their own name and use it if necessary to introduce oneself.As an option - Tanya-poprygushka (if the person is an active life position), Natasha - your joy (if a person radiates positive) and so on.However, this phrase must be at least a little bit true.The same principle can introduce oneself in prose, just having put his name to something characteristic that defines the identity of the person.This is when you need to talk a few words with humor.For example, you can tell us about his profession: "Hi, I'm Sasha, I love to torture of children" (if you're a teacher).It should be noted that even if the introduction is over friendship, that's exactly the man remembered forever.

little about yourself

If familiarity is not limited to people, but goes further in a warm friendly atmosphere, you can have as much fun to talk about themselves.So, not always it must be true.Why not just try to laugh environment, dream a little?So, you can think about themselves a story that is similar to the truth, and in this way to cheer the company.However, the original and tell the truth about themselves with humor.Interesting phrase that this will help: "I was born (-lsya) I secretly from the parents ..." "Childhood is simply remarkable, who do not like to twist the tails of cows?" And so on. D. The main thing in this case - to look at the reaction of peoplebecause here is not always related to the company may appeal to all present.In a joking tone, you can just say a couple of sentences, or even create a story and tell it to others.


Much can tell about themselves with humor.For example, why not tell us about your hobbies?Very funny phrase: "My hobbies - abnormal cross-eyed."It seems to be the question the man replied, but try to understand what he meant to say.The same principle can be answered: "I love music.My favorite singer - Lenin. "And people laugh, and new friend to remember.I must say that these details can be a huge number.On matters favorite - "I like playing in the snow on the strip," about life position - "I believe in all the colors of the rainbow," and so on. D.


What else can you tell us about yourself with humor?So, why not describe the fun their appearance?It is suitable in the event if the person meets a blind: online or by phone.You can select their own special traits and apply them fun.For example, if you are too tall or small, promise the man to grow or decrease.In the event that someone has big ears, we can say that it is in order to better hear the others (like in the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood") and so on. D. It is important to just show imagination and do not be afraid of a little joke on him.


What else can tell a girl with humor about themselves?For example, if she is able to drive a car, we can say that she's doing it better than a monkey with a grenade costs (it is about saying that everyone knows).The same principle can easily be distinguished and their achievements.For some people this information is very important, and immediately reveal all the cards when we first met very few people want.You can try to make a joke about it.For example, say that life is like at all - zebra striped happen, and the ease and difficulty.If you will talk about work or school, you can fantasize anything ("I - the president of a large international bank," or "I - a secret agent of the security services') and submit all gravely.


telling a little about yourself with humor, why not stay at their shortcomings?So, we can say that they have lined up to correct, but did not wait long.It should meanings smile.It will be, as they say, "in the subject."If we consider that a separate, why not mention the most common characteristics?Fun can tell about his laziness (especially if the person is - a workaholic), or gluttony (especially fun this story will flow from the mouth of the lady weighing 50 kg).


Very often today, people, if they want to register for a particular site must fill out a short questionnaire.In this situation, you can also make a joke.A little fun or even funny profile can be.Statement with humor and easy to talk here.However, you must first think about whether a person will understand, because jokes are not always possible.For example, if you register on a dating site, you need only hint at the fact that inherent sense of humor.For full comic potential profile can take the Cavaliers, or simply a mockery of the bride, and the real goal - to find your soul mate - is reached, alas, will not be.However, a person who can laugh at themselves or bring a smile to those around, always like people, because with such personalities often communicate easily.No limits with humor to fill small annotations currently available at various sites of interest, where the real information is of paramount importance.

basic rules

Before you tell something about yourself with a sense of humor, you need to learn a few simple rules.The first of them: you can talk, and even necessary, is not always the truth.In this situation, invent - a sweet deal.Why not, as long as the other party was fun.Next tip: you have to know where and with whom you can make jokes.Talk about yourself with humor during the interview on a major position in a large company - top frivolity.Moreover, such a person would react, most likely as a clown and politely asked to leave.You can joke at parties with your peers and friends.However, it should be remembered that here happen uncomfortable situations.So, this comes up the following rule: look at the reaction of the interlocutor.If a person has decided to tell about yourself in a fun tone, you should start with something easy.And look at the reaction of others.If the joke has passed - it is possible to continue in the same spirit.If not, it is best to leave this venture, the company will most likely got more serious than expected.What you need to remember yet?So, should not be open to ridicule his or other people's shortcomings.It's very few people like, and gives a person who is not very sure of himself and tries to hide behind such behavior.Humor should be easy, but not mocking.And probably one of the main rules: say beautiful clean speech, do not use swear words while or ambiguous phrases.This behavior will give the person a low level of culture and common development, and that very few people like.

What to say and what to avoid?

also important to know what to talk about when we first met, and what better to keep silent and not make jokes.So, you can tell all about himself and his life, even from childhood.Moreover, such narratives are really fun, because a person is young at heart, it takes a lot of interesting, funny and simply unforgettable events and situations.You can also tell a lot about their immediate environment.And that's what we are not talking, even in a joking tone, it's about the mysteries and secrets of loved ones.You do not need to stoop to the level of "yellow press".This better be silent.Surrounding it are likely to be even more interesting, but then the person will leave the unpleasant "aftertaste".Something must hide and women.Statement humor can talk about many things, but at first explore the best silent about the intimate side of life.It is advisable not to admit it, even in jest.The same, incidentally, applies to men, because it is better if the private life remains in the human being and not made public.And the people who immediately reveal all the cards, the majority just seem frivolous.