How to cook from bleak sprats: Recipes

Many known fish such as bleak.It small size (on average 12-15 centimeters in length and 60 g weight).Bleak does not make much commercial value and are often used as bait to catch larger fish.Apply it in cooking.Especially those who enjoy fishing.Prepared from her sprats.Also this fish is used in dried form and as a filling for pies.From the bleak sprats out very juicy and tasty.So we offer today to learn how to cook this dish at home.Especially since there is nothing complex here.

Sprat of bleak: a recipe for Multivarki

If you are a happy owner of a miracle kitchen assistant, you probably know that it can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes.However, many people are not aware that using Multivarki can do even home sprats.The recipe for this dish is simple enough, in this regard, it can easily master even the novice mistress.So first of all, we propose to determine the necessary for cooking food.


To prepare homemade sprats from bleak, we need the following products: a kilo

of fish, leaf tea - 10 teaspoons or 10 bags, 400 ml of boiling water, a quarter cup of vegetable oil, coarse salt - a tablespoon,seasoning (black pepper, cloves and bay leaves) and the optional pair of spoons of soy sauce.Just note that tasty sprats can be prepared not only bleak, but also from other varieties of medium-sized fish such as anchovy, mackerel, saury and so on. D.

cooking process

As already mentioned, from the bleak spratsdoing pretty simple.To begin to make the tea and leave it to infuse.My carefully prepared fish, separate the head and remove the entrails.Then we shift into a bowl of our bleak Multivarki.Add spices and salt.Note that if you use the soy sauce, the sprats may be too salty.So it makes sense to add more salt and sauce in the tea brew, taste all the flavor and only then mix with the fish.So, fill the bleak brew, add the vegetable oil.It can be a little shake cup Multivarki to the ingredients evenly distributed.Cover with a lid and start the slow cooking mode for two hours.After this time, should be cool Multivarki sprats in a bowl, and then shift into a bowl for storage.Keep in mind that removing the fish in the hot state is not necessary, as it will fall apart and lose its appearance.From the bleak sprats get very appetizing.They are required to take a worthy place on a daily dining, and at the festive table.Bon Appetit!

Sprat of bleak: recipe in the oven

Of course, the easiest way to cook this dish in multivarka.However, if you have not got this miracle of technology, it should not get upset.Because of sprats cook delicious and can be bleak in the oven.So, if you decided to treat his household this dish, you should prepare the following ingredients.

Ingredients and cooking process

To prepare sprats from bleak, you will need: the actual fish, sunflower oil, black pepper (peas), strong tea, bay leaf and salt.

to start clear the fish on the scales, remove the head and entrails and thoroughly washed.In utyatnitsu or other pre-prepared dishes with a thick bottom lay two or three tea bags, and on top of the foil.Then add bleak.It is important to spread the fishes belly down in a single layer.Otherwise, the dish may turn to mush.Add the pepper and bay leaf.Then spread another layer bleak.Make sure the height of the fish does not exceed two-thirds of skirting dishes, or in the process of cooking will boil over and burn oil.

Brew strong tea.Adds the two small spoons of salt.Stir and fill in utyatnitsu.Add the vegetable oil so as to completely close bleak.We put our dishes in the slow fire and cook for 20 minutes, uncovered.At this time, heat the oven to 160-170 degrees.After 20 minutes, we send it utyatnitsu, after closing the lid.The oven keep our future sprats four hours.After this time, topped up with a couple of tablespoons in a bowl of liquid smoke and then send it in the oven for half an hour.The finished dish should be cool and only then move in containers or other utensils for storage.From the bleak sprats out very tender, tasty and fragrant.At the same time fish bones soften and are not felt.You can be sure that all of the members of the household and your guests will be delighted with this dish and you will always be asked to share the recipe of its preparation.Bon Appetit!