How harvested whole and mashed strawberries and sugar in the winter: several recipes

Strawberry believed without a doubt the most "gourmet" berry.It is a required component of the most delicious and beautiful dessert.What could be more attractive, such as strawberries with whipped cream?In the summer it is possible to pamper yourself and your family dishes with fresh berries.But in the winter it would be desirable to cook something delicious, using delicious "beautiful."In addition to the usual jam, it can be used harvested mashed strawberries with sugar.In the winter it boil, pour syrup or frozen.It can be used as thermal and processing of crude product.Here are some recipes on "whole and mashed strawberries with sugar."In winter, you can also stock up on fresh berries, placing them in storage in the freezer.Select the most suitable way for you to enjoy a wonderful and treat all year round.

How harvested mashed strawberries and sugar in the winter?First Recipe: Cooking

Fresh berries, wash under running water and place in a colander to drain excess fluid.Then mash the strawberries tolkushkoy or whisk in a blender.The resulting mass pour the sugar in a ratio of 1: 1 and boil for five minutes.Pour into banks, roll covers and wrap until cool.

Strawberry in sugar .Recipe Two: sterilization

large whole berries lay in jars, sprinkling liberally with sugar.As a result, the container will several layers.On the shelves of strawberries need about half to two cups of sugar.Jars put sterilized by placing them in a pot of water, the level of which should reach the "coat hanger".When you use half-liter containers boiling time should not be less than twenty minutes after the onset of bubbles on the surface of the water.After that, banks roll back are covered with lids and thick cloak for gradual cooling.

strawberries, mashed with sugar .Recipe three: freezing

wonderful dessert can turn the storage of fresh frozen mass.Take three pieces of fruit and one part sugar.Mix the two components are thoroughly beat with a mixer or blender.The resulting mass lay on the little cups and freeze.The mixture can be used in the various desserts.This blank can also act as a separate dish "Fruit strawberry ice cream."

Can be refrigerated mashed strawberries with sugar (for the winter)?

berries delicate structure does not allow for a long time, even when mixed with sugar, strawberries stored at temperatures above zero.Pureed mixture, spread out on a hermetically sealed container can be refrigerated for a maximum of fifteen to twenty days.Beyond this period there is a possibility of occurrence of fermentation processes.So try to eat fresh berries, process heat or freeze.In addition to the described methods of processing, there are plenty of other recipes for jams, puree or strawberry flavored jelly.Diversify the diet of these wonderful dishes!