Career: 7 typical female mistakes on the way to success

Sometimes, in spite of their excellent professional knowledge and high performance, we have to stay a long time in the same place at the same position.Hopelessly waiting for progress in his career and not getting for their trouble-free operation of any moral or material satisfaction.
So what's the reason?Perhaps partly in the fact that we are not doing enough to promote themselves in the labor market?Maybe we make some mistakes that hinder women's careers?

Career women: Error №1.Passive Beliefs

Many women suffer from a lack of active and assertive when it comes to career promotion.They expect that the management will notice their great expertise, high availability and the ability to work independently and creatively, and underestimate the importance of self-promotion in the career woman.And in fact, your boss, dealing with a large number of current issues, can simply ignore the fact that under his work such a wonderful employee.In such a situation should follow the principle of "take care of itself, because it is necessary to you."

Career women: error №2.Low self-esteem

Many counselors who have studied the problem of the behavior of people in the labor market, we see that women often underestimate their own abilities, skills and experience.We women are just shy to confirm their high professional qualifications.And this self-perception is a major obstacle in the negotiations for higher wages or advancing in their careers.

Career women: Error №3.Striving for perfection

Most women are exacting to itself and strive to achieve in their work of absolute perfection.They aim to fulfill any task flawlessly, be ideal in their professional activities.But quite often this tactic is for us women, just destructive.Perfection - the illusory concept, and few of us can achieve it.In pursuit of perfection we lose precious time and energy, vyaznem in fine detail and lose the ability to see the situation as a whole.It is important to be able to stop in time: how to perform certain workload, and in the process of improving myself.

Career women: Error №4.Excessive emotionality

emotional - is our strength and our weakness.It is very difficult to be a woman and at the same time never get hysterical at work.Of course, today, life goes on in a rapid pace, and the problems that you have to deal with every day, especially difficult.Therefore difficult to never be broken, and not lose his temper.It is difficult, but possible.And not only possible but it is necessary.No tantrums and tears will not lead you to solving business problems, but they certainly complicate and ruin your relationship with your colleagues, especially men, who then cease to apply to tebe- woman - as an equal partner.They remember that you do not want to be in the work on an equal footing with them, and tears you use (banned weapons in business relations) like their "advantage of the weaker sex" to achieve certain goals.
(«She's got your eyes on a wet spot" - is not soon forget.)

Career women: Error №5."I do not know what I want»

It also refers to the issue of emotion.The woman - is always multifaceted personality, she wants to get everything that is possible and desirable right now.But get out of life all at once is impossible.It is important to decide for yourself what you ozhidaeshot his career at every stage of their life.Identify priorities in each period of life, you can avoid unnecessary frustration and make the most of every situation.

Career women: Error №6.Treacherous honesty

Imagine that you come in for an interview, and you ask, "Can you do this or that?" For example, do you ever did not do it, and honestly answer: "No, I do not know."This is certainly a very wrong answer.Given that the position which you want to receive, claiming dozens more applicants, your 'No, I can not, "produces a very negative impression.
But if you really do not know how, then whether or not to lie?Of course not.But what prevents said: "I can learn it" or "I learn this," or, better yet, "I learned it in three months?"Such a response will make a good impression for several reasons: first, because you're willing to learn and improve their knowledge, and secondly, you prodemonstriruesh ability to conduct fruitful negotiations, and, thirdly, finally, will show a great desire to work.

Career women: Error №7.Do not discuss your salary

Sometimes it is very difficult to raise the issue of the leadership of his salary.Perhaps you noticed it behind him.But you must clearly give aware of the fact that your boss - not a benefactor, and he's not doing you a favor by providing a workplace and paying wages, he simply buys taoy work.And not just work - your abilities, knowledge, professional experience.Finally, even your time and effort.And in return he offers you money.So that's all right - you're not in his debt.And you do not beg for his salary or bonus to her, you're just behaving talks about it.And by the way, before starting negotiations on the increase of their salary, it would be nice to do some research of the current labor market and estimate how much you stand to date.

summarize all of the above, it can be argued that the woman's career as a career man, is in its own hands.Be of good cheer!

Galina Pisarenko

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