Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler.

Once he did not call ... Devil in the Flesh, the Antichrist, the Black Death - these nicknames gave him simple people.Those who were deported to concentration camps, suffered in the ghetto was going to be shot ... Adolf Hitler has completely changed the course of history, not only Germany but all over the world.After he left complete devastation in Europe and a document which regulated the robot remaining Reich Government.Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler is interesting from a historical point of view, it reveals the nature of this dangerous man, his secret plans and hidden beliefs.

main thesis document

very small testament.It consists of two parts, in which Adolf Hitler takes stock of his life, the political and military activities.He also talks frankly about why World War II began.He also describes the causes which impel him to commit suicide, and thanked the citizens for their love, respect and support.He accuses Himmler and Goering conspiracy and coup and removes them from all posts.Instead, completely changes the composition of the government.

dictator manages and their property, namely, his collection of art bequeathed gallery home town of Linz on the Danube, his personal things that have a certain value, it gives the best associates and colleagues, all the rest - the National Socialist Workers' PartyGermany.Adolf Hitler asked to recognize his marriage to Eva Braun legitimate and cremate the newly-spouse after their death.Executor of the last will he appoints Martin Bormann.

Causes of World War

In his will Fuehrer describes the period between the world wars, as a time of reflection and gestation of ideas.All the plans of Hitler in those years were formed, according to him, under the influence of love for their own people and devotion to him.The dictator says that he did not want to start World War II, but was forced to take this difficult decision for the prosperity of the Aryan race.

reasons for which he attacked the neighboring countries, mostly limited to his personal hatred of Jews.The rulers of such roots or their activity for the benefit of this nation - that's what triggered his aggression.In the document it completely removes the blame for the outbreak of bloodshed.And he said that more than once offered to control and limit armaments in the world.

Quotes from Hitler's political testament of interest and disclose its actions in the settlement of the German-Polish problem."In three days I made the proposal after England eliminate this conflict, but it has been put back since the British government, this war was necessary," - he writes.The reason for refusal, Hitler calls the effect of propaganda that Jews were spreading, and as a result gain profitable business for London.

Why Führer chose suicide?

Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler brings to us the reasons for which he decided to settle accounts with life.First of all, it is impossible to leave the Reich.Fuhrer says that the strength of his army weakened, undermined morale inside traitors and cowards.Therefore, his last wish - to share the fate of millions of Germans who have decided not to run and to remain in the occupied country.But since the fall into enemy hands Hitler unacceptable death - that's the only right decision.

Fuhrer says that dies with a light heart.They are inspired by the exploits of the ordinary at the front, rear and exorbitant help ardent heart of the German youth.This document contains Hitler's gratitude to all those people whose great effort Reich flourished, and the glory of Germany resounded throughout the world.Sacrifice of ordinary people and his own death, I'm sure the governor of the Reich will give grain, which in the future will be able to grow and to revive the National Socialist movement.He asks people not to repeat his suicide, and save their lives, to continue the fight and to give birth to the future heroes of Germany.

political appointments

Fuhrer was very disappointed in their close associates, especially in Gering.In his will, he excludes him from the party, and deprives him of the rights.Instead, the chair Reich President and Chief of the military forces should take Admiral Doenitz.He also dismisses Himmler, Reichsfuehrer and Chief Minister.At the request of Hitler he should replace Karl Hanke and Paul Giesler.

Himmler and Goering led the intrigue, but the Fuhrer was disclosed their secrets.Hitler asked about their desire to seize power, to negotiate with the enemy.All this, according to the ruler of the Reich, caused tremendous damage to the country, led to the defeat of his people in the war.Therefore, dying, he wants to redeem himself in front of the Germans, by assigning them a decent and honest cabinet.Fuhrer hopes that the new government will be able to continue his work and to make Germany "the queen of all nations."Among his followers: Borman, Greyk, Funk, Tirak and other German leaders of that time.

main mission followers

Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler carries the main message to future generations: they have to continue to develop the activities of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.Some members of the new Cabinet, appointed by the Fuehrer, including Bormann, Goebbels, and their wives, also wanted to with his head to commit suicide.But Hitler ordered them not to do so, since their activity, intelligence and resourcefulness should serve to the benefit of the country, have to revive her from the ruins and stood up.

Fuhrer wants them firmness and justice.They must not give in to fear, because the honor of the nation for his followers should be paramount.According to Hitler, the main task of future generations - to continue the development of the party, to bring her to sacrifice their own interests, to be faithful to duty and to the last drop of blood to submit to the new government.The German people must observe the racial laws, both hate and destroy the poisoner of the world - the Jewish community.

value of Hitler's political testament

world history

It is huge, as was able to shed light on the many distorted facts and propaganda of the government of the USSR, Jews and other oppressed peoples affected by the war.That Hitler was a ruthless tyrant and murderer of millions of innocent - it's true.But the fact that he was an imbecile nervous hysteria, as we show Soviet movies - a myth.Because probate can see that it is written, reasonable man.He was wise enough, just directed his activities in the wrong direction, causing the death of millions of people.The document also protested against the version that the Führer allegedly managed to escape to Latin America, and there safely live to a hundred years.But we see that he was so fond of his ideology, placing it above all else that wanted to die with her.

Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler shows that not only the Fuhrer was the culprit of the war.The same England that wants bloodshed for their own purposes, became an indirect culprit beginning of the collapse of Europe.When Churchill realized what he had done, it was too late to stop the Fuhrer, who moved into the interior of the continent.Yes, and the Soviet Union was the aggressor, the same Hitler.It was he who started the series of wars from 1938 to 1941: Baltic swallowed, took part of Poland and Finland.

to historians

It is diametrically opposite.Some say that his will is extremist in nature, so it is forbidden to spread in many districts and regions of the Russian Federation.In principle, the decision is correct.After all, the legacy of the main killers of the XX century became the basis of the policy of neo-Nazis who have recently stepped up their illegal activities across the country.The document does not have a right to life, it must be destroyed in the same way as Hitler himself.But this is only one side of the coin.If you look from a different angle, a testament - historical value, interesting for the discovery of new facts about the man, his environment and policies of Nazi Germany.

Other historians estimate document and draw attention to the fact that in its lines is not a single bad word about the Russian people.Despite the fact that Germany fell under Soviet shells and bombs, Hitler's speech is not riddled with curses against the Soviet Union.As before, the blame all ills on earth he calls the Jews.Quotes Hitler's aggression and burning hatred for this nation.

What happened after the death of the Fuhrer?

Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler has been written and handed over to his followers.But not all the allies were ready to submit to his will.So they appointed a new Chancellor Goebbels has not wished to stay alive.Because of the love and devotion to his Fuhrer, or fear of being severely punished winners, but he also committed suicide.Also received other generals: Hitler's adjutant, Burgdorf and the last chief of staff Krebs.

Someone says it is plain cowardice.But this is debatable, since not everyone dare to take his own life.And their death by his own hand now looks more worthy of a century later than the death of the same Goering, who published the last breath in an American prison, or Himmler, who died in the British bunk.This is not to mention the tens hanged in 1946.No, we do not sing the praises of these bloodsuckers, just trying to look at events objectively, throwing personal prejudices and opinions.

Interesting facts about Hitler

many nuances about the habits of the Führer gives us a story.Everyone knew Hitler as a staunch vegetarian.He hated smoking people and all sorts of methods at national level struggled with this bad habit.His eternal mania to read and process the material book was known for its associates.They are often seen him in the library, at seminars and conferences.Führer adored clarity and avoid those with cold.

Hitler was always terse.But this was only a personal communication.When it comes to politics, then it can not be stopped.For a long time thinking about his speech, he spent hours silently walked around the office, but when he started to dictate to a typist, she did not have time to write down everything verbatim.Accompanied by a stream of verbal citations, exclamations, active body language.

Adolf Hitler changed the course of history, we remember him as a tyrant and a murderer.Despite the many positive qualities of his character, it has no justification in the troubles that brought the evil genius of any innocent people around the world.