How to cook rice in a double boiler correctly

dishes made from rice, able to please their appetizing look and great taste only when they are properly cooked.Of course, you can cook them on the stove in a regular pot, but the most delicious they will be when manufactured in a double boiler.

Today, not everyone knows how to cook rice in a double boiler to make it crumbly, tasty and fragrant.This process is simple, since all models Steamer there uvarki container for rice, it was there and sleep well washed grits.

sure to add to the capacity of the right amount of water for cooking as a couple is not enough.The amount of water depends on the model of steamers that is used.Moreover, it depends on what kind of consistency is supposed to be rice in a steamer, recipes typically contain this information.Anyway, the cereal to be completely covered with water.Ready meals should from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the type of rice.

Rice with cheese

For example, we can consider how to cook in a double boiler rice with cheese.To do this, you need the following ingredients: 250 grams of white rice, 350 grams of water, one tablespoon of butter, 70 grams of hard cheese.

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primarily rice is washed, then it is poured into a special container and pour water, add salt to taste.The capacity put in a steamer for about twenty minutes.Cooked rump seasoned butter and sprinkle with grated cheese.The dish is sent back to the steamer for two minutes to melt the cheese.Serve the finished dish with meatballs or burgers, raw vegetables.

rice with spices

This recipe will tell you how to cook in a double boiler rice with spices.The dish turns out very tasty.To do this, you need the following ingredients: one cup of steamed rice, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, one tablespoon of flavored vinegar, one spoon seasonings "Gallina Blanca" polmorkovi one clove bud, a few peppercorns allspice, a little bay leaf.

Cooking rice in a double boiler

The capacity steamer pour water, then set the cup, which is laid capacity for cereals.There poured rice and pour a glass of water.Carrots cut into small cubes, along with the other ingredients to the rice fall asleep.Cook it all forty minutes, ten minutes before the end of cooking stir.The finished dish is well suited to the chicken in Chinese.

Rice with vegetables

consider how to cook in a double boiler rice with mushrooms and vegetables.To do this, you must have the ingredients: two cloves of garlic, three young white mushroom, one cup of rice and vegetables to choose from, the water.


mushrooms clean and cut into cubes, garlic finely chopped.Figure washed and put in a container for cereals with garlic and mushrooms.In another compartment put sliced ​​vegetables into small pieces.When the vegetables are cooked, they are added to the finished rice dish give it brew for ten minutes.


Some housewives do not know how to cook rice in the steamer that he will make risotto.This requires the following ingredients: two cups of rice, a pound of flesh mutton, three carrots, two onions, 400 milliliters of water, half a spoon of red pepper, half a spoon of black pepper, 100 ml of vegetable oil.


Figure need to pre-soak for two hours in salted water.Meanwhile, in a saucepan for twenty minutes fried chopped meat with grated grated carrots and chopped onion half-rings.

meat is then placed in a pan and pour boiling water grains, adding spices and prepared rice.Cook the risotto fifty minutes.The finished dish is put on a large plate so that the meat was top and bottom Fig.

rice with chicken

To prepare this dish need such Ingredients: 600 grams of chicken, spices and salt to taste, one spoonful of mayonnaise, 200 grams of rice.For the sauce: two tablespoons of sour cream, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, half a spoon of mustard French, dill, a clove of garlic.


chicken pieces cut one centimeter thick, add spices, salt and mayonnaise.All mix well and leave to marinate for one hour.Meanwhile soaked for half an hour Fig.Over time, his shift in capacity steamer and pour salted water 1: 1.In another container put the chicken and cook for forty minutes.Ten minutes before the end of cooking to put dill rice and sauce.The sauce is prepared as follows: all the ingredients are well mixed.

Now every woman learned how to cook rice in the steamer, and what dishes can be prepared from it.All recipes are fairly simple, but great taste and appearance of the dishes provided.In addition, they saved all of the vitamins, minerals, and all the micro-and macro, which is useful for everyone's health.That's why in a double boiler so fast, simple and easy to cook.This is especially significant in children's nutrition.