How are belts generator and what are they for?

alternator belt - a device for transmitting rotation of the engine to its auxiliary units.Some devices can actuate several mechanisms.This item may affect the pump, the pump hydraulic power steering, the various compressors and even a generator.To all of these mechanisms work smoothly and reliably, you must replace the items in a timely manner, and if necessary, adjust its tension.In today's article we will look at what are the belts of the generator.And also we know what their characteristics.

Today alternator belts are divided into several types:

  • wide;
  • belts normal section;
  • fan.

Each of these items is selected depending on the specific make and model of car.For example, the alternator belt "Ford - Transit" can not be put on the "Fiat Ducato", that is, for each model has its own device.To the side portion of the mechanism is not as intense wear out many manufacturers include in their composition of nylon and cotton.These two components are a part of the outer cover part.Timing belts transfer the power generator by cross teeth and resulting in the mechanism that allows them to maintain a predetermined location of the shafts.When using such systems do not require regular lubrication, plus they almost never vibrate and do not stretch.

With the development of technology in vehicles have been used banded belts generator.These products are capable of powering a number of mechanisms, including air-conditioning compressor and power.These parts are composed of several belts interconnected.Such products are usually intended for large generators.Banded device due to its special design has an increased service life and has higher reliability than the toothed counterparts.

addition, widespread belts generator.They are an exact match for the speeds of all mechanisms and devices.Particular importance attached to bilateral motorists wedge products.Such a generator belt "Reno" has the best driving qualities.There are also poly products.Their composition is special in its own way.The upper base, they have flat teeth.

How many should replace this part?

As a rule, the life of the automobile alternator belt is 50 to 60 thousand kilometers, depending on the type of machine.But do not assume that in this period of time the device will provide uninterrupted and reliable operation of the rotation of all the necessary devices.A few thousand kilometers the car belt may loosen, so from time to time should be made of the adjustment mechanism and a monthly check its current status.